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This year we have an opportunity to become more patient people. Here we to talk about the new series titled “Thirteen” which depicts the story of horrific survival of a fate of a girl and a woman being imprisoned in the cellar for thirteen years after the abduction. Though the story isn’t very easy for viewing, we hope that the developers will renew the series soon.

Short review

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Thirteen is by the genre a trilling story. The debut of the first season has been held this year in the UK, if the be more concrete at the end of February. Thus, the project is only of a month age.
The home online network for the serial is reckoned to be BBC Three. The immediate creator of the story is Marnie Dickens. The executive producing is accomplished by Elizabeth Kilgarriff. The star cast is composed of Natasha Little, Jodie Corner, and Stuart Graham. So far we have only five episodes at our disposal.

What is about the storyline?

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The story is very much chilling. The fate of the heroine name Ivy Moxam can’t be the object of envy. The thing is that at the age of 13 she turned to become the victim of abduction. She was kept in the cellar for about 13. Fortunately, she managed to become a free person. But everything has its irreversible effect, especially if it concerns such a tragic situation.
After her imprisonment, she finds herself being already an adult person, a woman who is 26 years old. Now she has nothing to do but to try to return to her ordinary life communicating with her friends, parents, and sister. Everything seems now going all right, but the waves of terrible flashbacks are coming over her constantly. She simply can’t get rid of her past. She has survived after the abduction and now she has to survive in this quit world. After getting back home, she finds her sister preparing for her wedding, parents being separated, and her object love at 13 named Tim being already married. People seem like starting a new life without her and now she should do the same.

Renewal potential

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The rating of the series comes to be steady. AS for example, on IMDb it scores 8 from 10 points. Thus, the viewers are caught by the unusual plot. The reviews from critics are also mainly positive.
It is interesting to note that the production of the series has been accomplished with the assistance a police advisor and a psychologist working as consultants in the project. Maybe that’s why the story is depicted in a very plausible and true way. This consequently has added to the advancement.
One thing should be also separately underlined. This thing is the acting of the principal performer. This actress’ skills have made each episode a cliffhanger. The viewers were kept in a constant suspense during watching the first season.
The Thirteen season 2 release date together with the possibility of the renewal is unknown. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about the series details coming from official resources.


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