The X-Files 10 Season Release Date

The X-Files 10 season release date 1

The X-Files 10 season release date was finally confirmed. Let’s discuss in details the reboot of the cult thriller on FOX.

Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson agreed to participate in the reboot of the cult sci-fi and thriller show. First of all, let’s consider the nuances and details of the storyline.
The Plot:
Today, humanity needs to be protected not only from common criminals, who, like all people, just living their material life. On guard again about two special agents from the FBI. Only they are able to cope with otherworldly forces that are trying in every way to declare its existence.
Do you think this is a crazy maniac wielding already that night on the streets and in doorways bustling metropolis and its suburbs? No, you are deeply mistaken. This is invisible; the other world is trying to declare its existence.

The X-Files 10 season release date 2

The mystery crime guests another dimension makes the heart goes to the heel – it is so desperate and horrific murders cannot boast to be done by any serial killer of our time. Leaving clues that can see only the agents of the secret service, the killers provoke new investigators speculate that, ultimately, will expose the offender to the nines.
The X-Files 10 season release date is scheduled for January of 2016.
DVD release date of The X-Files 10 season is planned for Q2 of 2016.

The X-Files 10 season release date on Bluray is also expected in Q2 of 2016.
What are you waiting from the reboot of The X-Files?

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