The Woodsmen Season 2

The Woodsmen is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by History Channel with the first season release date on the 22nd of June 2015. The Woodsmen season 2 release date is unknown yet. Every new episode of the series follows everyday life of several men from the Pacific Northwest forests living and surviving in the wilderness.


The Woodsmen give you a chance to have a true insider’s look at the world that you’ve never seen before. A select group of people from the Pacific Northwest chose to live their lives free and away from everyday hustle of modern society. They build primitive dwellings on the trees and create what they need using their own hands. Living in the trees for them is their personal American dream. They lead their live using their own terms and regulations. They decided to separate from habitual comfort and conveniences of a big city. They dedicate themselves to trees, but their choice has been quite a risk and this reality demonstrates it.
The Woodsmen Season 2 date release

This rugged and unforgiving landscape of the Pacific Northwest can be faced only with full commitment, never-ending patience and survival skills. Finding meat is a true challenge, growing vegetables is almost impossible due to cold climate and there’s constant lack of supplies. The participants of the project use simple methods and ingenuity carving out the lives they want to live in the harsh and sometimes dangerous natural environment.

The show tracks the stories of five men living in their own tree structures hunting, bartering and looking for more ingenious ways to survive.
The Woodsmen Season 2


  • When Mike was a teenager, he often hiked into Montana together with his knife, tarp, a pack, and tinfoil. He’s a skillful carpenter from Southern California, who decided to leave the comfort of modern life to find peace and balance in the forest. He has spent about 20 years out in the wild. Later he got acquainted with Steve.
  • Steve’s lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost all of his life. He can make knives and all sorts of weapons for hunting. He’s a sharpshooter and takes his rifle anywhere he goes.
  • Ethan got his skills from his father. He fabricates metal, runs sawmills and builds barns. He’s ingenious and always full of constructive sensible ideas. When Ethan was about 20, he moved to Boise, however, later he moved back to his family home in Western Idaho. There he got an idea to create a home up in the air.
  • Aza is Ethan’s best friends. He’s a mechanic able to make any mechanism work. Together with Ethan they hunt, climb and create tools and other handy things they need for the survival. Ethan normally generates ideas and Aza makes a plan to recreate these concepts.
  • The Woodsmen Season 2

  • Jay is a master inventor. He’s striving for more freedom without regulations. For the period of 17 years, he has been creating everything with his own hands and materials found in the woods. Jay learned to survive while hitchhiking. He’s skillful in working with hotrods and blacksmithing. He’s able to make useful things out of useless ones. He chooses his inventions to barter for food and other things.

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no official info about the future of The Woodsmen, but we will tell you more when further plans for the show are officially announced by the channel.

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