The Wizards of Aus Season 2

It is a fantastical story and a comedy at one time created by Michael Shanks who performs the lead role in the serial and runs the process of shooting as a director and co-writer working in harness with Nicholas Issell on the script. He also serves as a composer for soundtracks to the serial and an immediate assistant in creating visual effects in the comedy.
Apart from him, such executives as Nicholas Colla, Chris Hocking, and Sumah Hurley contribute to the creation. The company behind the production is Late Nite Films.
The acting cast includes Shanks and the following ones:

  • Menik Gooneratne,
  • Nicholas Issell,
  • Mark Bonanno,
  • Ben Ridgwell,
  • Nicholas Colla and others.

The Wizards of Aus Season 2 Cast
The miniseries is composed of only one season and six episodes in its whole volume. The freshman season release date is January 19, 2016. The distributor is the SBS AU channel in Australia. Internationally, it airs on SBS On Demand service when the main broadcast on the channel is over. The current number of episodes equals six parts.

Plot Summary

Once the main character of the story named Jack the Wizard comes to understanding that he is fed up with all those battles between good and evil and decides to take on a new more peaceful life in the suburbs of Melbourne where he settles down.
No one is supposed to get to know his origin of a wizard yet accidentally he becomes a reason for a catastrophe. Now his true background is revealed. What comes to be next? Follow the story in order to get to know this.

International Approval and Great Potential

The Wizards of Aus Season 2 Spoiler
The series is a perfect blend of a silly comedy, a fantastical story, and the excellent way of conveying the poignant ideas of the modern world. The special effects just add to the whole picture.
The main issue is how to assimilate into the world of humans. This is relatable much to our days. Fitting in is a universal issue. Yet apart from this, the serial has been proclaimed as a brilliant caricature on the current social and political situation in the home country of the series.
To sum it up, the continuation is a much probable outcome. The question is when The Wizards of Aus season 2 release date will be exposed and the renewal announced. This remains unanswered, regretfully, though it is high time to state at least something, in order to arouse interest in the hearts of fans.
We keep abreast of the situation with the project hoping for the positive verdict. Stay tuned with us for updates if you follow this series! The second season air date should be in the cards, don’t miss it the first new episode and the day of  the second season premiere!


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