The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead is a horror TV series created and released in the USA. The developer of the project is Frank Darabont. The authors of the original idea and comic strips are Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Andrew Lincoln portrays the main character named Rick Grimes, a sheriff. He wakes up in a hospital full of dead bodies and destruction. He managed to survive because the door of his ward was blocked. To his horror, he discovers a world captured by zombies. Throughout the series, they are called “walkers”.

Together with his family, Rick joins a group of people and becomes their leader. Every new episode follows their struggles to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic world where not only zombies are dangerous.  Main characters will put their relationships and survival skills to the test opposing other survivors as well as the walkers.

 The Walking Dead Season 8 date release 

Plot Overview

The Walking Dead is an impressive version of a zombie apocalypse devouring the planet. The “walkers” attack everything living either eating them or turning them into more walkers. Scratched infected people also slowly become zombies. When one of the members of the group dies and turns into a zombie the group realizes that all of them carry this zombie pathogen in their blood. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain.

The Walking Dead Season 8

Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln portrays the main character – the leader of a group of survivors. He’s a former sheriff named Rick Grimes.
  • Jon Bernthal (seasons 1-2) portrays Shane Walsh. Former partner of Rick and his faithful friend. Becomes a threat to the group due to a number of reasons.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies (seasons 1-3) portrays Rick’s wife named Lori Grimes. Had a love affair with Shane because she was sure her husband hadn’t survived.
  • Laurie Holden (season 1-3) portrays a civil rights attorney named Andrea.
  • Jeffrey DeMunn (seasons 1-2) portrays an old owner of an RV named Dale Horvath.
  • Steven Yeun acts as a former delivery boy that accidentally saves Rick from the attack of the walkers. Gets into a long-lasting relationship with Maggie becoming one of the key members of the group.
  • Chandler Riggs portrays Rick’s son named Carl. He has to become mature because of the dangerous deadly new world surrounding him.
  • Norman Reedus portrays one of the key members of the group named Daryl Dixon. He’s a hunter in the group and Rick’s faithful companion.
  • Melissa McBride portrays a meek housewife named Carol Peletier that has slowly changed into a mentally powerful woman able to take right decisions in difficult situations.
  • Lennie James portrays one of the first survivors met by Rick named Morgan Jones. Experiences a psychological trauma but later finds mental peace.
  • Lauren Cohan portrays the character of Maggie Greene. A brave and persistent young woman. Glenn’s wife.

The Walking Dead Season 8

8th Season Air Date

In autumn of this year, the series was renewed for one more season. Eighth season release date is unknown yet, however the producers and the owners of the channel say that it’s going to be released in the end of 2017.

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