The Walking Dead Season 7

The legendary serial in the genre of horror under the titled as you have already guessed “The Walking Dead” is coming back to screens in the shape of the seventh season in the near future. Its airing channel AMC is yet to announce the exact launch date. So we be ready to obtain news from official sources.

About the horror serial

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The Walking Dead is basically a horror drama broadcast in the USA yet viewed on online resources all over the world with the appearance of its various language versions. The channel for airing the serial is AMC. The project makes for the product of collaboration of the AMC production studio and Circle of Confusion together with such companies as Valhalla Entertainment and Idiot Box Productions. The leading part of the main character is performed by Andrew Lincoln. The rest of the performance crew includes such perdonalities as Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn and Steven Yeun.
The pioneer chapter saw the light of day at the very end of October 2010. The sixth and by the way latest season was opened also in autumn but his time in the antecedent year. The most recent sixth season has been brought to an end in April this year with the most hardcore final episode that fans of the serial have ever experienced.

Plot details

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The story depicted has a firm foundation in the shape of the comics developed by an American. The plot itself focuses on the events in the life of the police officer named Rick Grimes who after recovering from coma in a hospital finds out that our world is full of zombies that have obtained the controlling power.
He becomes the only one leader among the survivors. Together they are urged to live in this hazardous world lending a helping hand to each other in the often appeared case of danger.

What is about the appraisal of the drama?

The series got a high scoring once the pioneer episode had been launched. The great number of nominations and awards are proving the fact the serial worth general appraisal in terms of all aspects no matter whether it is the brilliance of the acting cast members or the plot or even the way of shooting.
There is no wonder the total number of viewers is so high that it sets records. This number is also growing from chapter to chapter.
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When can we expect the emergence of the seventh chapter?

As it is widely and already known, the serial has been renewed for a sequential season. The highly appraised drama, however, remains so far unscheduled in terms of a concrete day of launch. The Walking Dead season 7 release date is, thus, not announced. But as a tradition stands, the serial appears in its new form usually in autumn, specifically the first part of each chapter after the release of which the serial has a regular Christmas break.  That’s why it is too early now to spek about such things and we can expect the conformation of the exact date at the end of summer or even in the very upcoming fall.


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