The Tunnel Season 3

The joint work of the British and French filmmakers led to the fact that on the channel Sky Atlantic for the past two seasons since 2013 an interesting crime series The Tunnel has been broadcasted. This co-operation has not left the viewers indifferent, and they are looking forward to The Tunnel season 3 release date is presented.

After the end of the latest second season the authors haven’t made yet any official announcements about the next renewed season air date. The coming new episode is sure to be presented soon, but there are still some conventionalities postponing the return of the show on the screen. The continuation will be released when all the authors come to a unified opinion.

The Tunnel Season 3 

Filmmakers Crew

The first season premiere debuted on October 16, 2013. Both the seasons include 18 episodes (about 45 minutes each).

There are a few directors of this project:

  • an English filmmaker Hettie McDonald;
  • a scriptwriter and director from German Dominik Moll;
  • a director of a French origin Thomas Vincent;
  • a director from England Philip Martin.

The Tunnel Season 3

This international crew of creators has managed to create an unusual program of its kind. Among executive producers working in this projects are the following ones:

  • Jane Featherstone;
  • Nora Melhli;
  • Lars Blomgren;
  • Karen Wilson;
  • Manda Levin and others.

The format of the show was borrowed from one more outstanding Scandinavian project The Bridge. All the next episodes of The Tunnel are sure to be broadcasted on Sky Atlantic channel. There are 2 companies distributing the series: Kudos Film and Television (the British agency) and Shine France (the network from France).

The Tunnel Season 3

Cast and Plot Review

In the first season the two main characters of The Tunnel are Karl Roebuck (played by an actor from England Stephen Dillane), the detective of a British government, and Elise Wasserman (an actress of a French origin Clémence Poésy), who works under the auspices of France. These two are investigating a mysterious and terrifying criminal case committed by an unknown serial killer. The murder took place in the tunnel between two countries. The authorities of England and France send their detectives to find out all the details of this case.

Season 2 called The Tunnel: Sabotage is connected with another plot and reveals the crash of an airplane into the Channel Tunnel.

Series Rating

The latest season 2 was watched by a less number of the audience (660,000) than the first one (893,000). This mat be connected with the fact the plot is a little bit overextended. Anyway, the atmosphere of the program is exciting, and the public is still waiting when the next new season release date is presented. Thus, stay tuned to get the information about the schedule of The Tunnel and all the peculiarities of the future story.

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