The Tunnel Season 3

That’s a crime drama created on collaboration with British and French filmmakers. It was created on the base of Danish-Swedish TV series created in 2011. The Tunnel started broadcasting on the 16th of October 2013 in the United Kingdom and on the 11th of November 2013 in France. The stars of the series are Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy. They portray two detectives dealing with the case of a serial killer. The murders are extremely cruel and shocking. Dialogues of The Tunnel are bilingual. The series went through 2 episodes with 18 episodes in total.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel was a place where the first victims of the killer were found. Two detectives find the upper part of the body’s victim and the lower part of the other victim’s body. The victims were a French politician and a British prostitute.
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The Killer

The killer is called “Truth Terrorist”. He acts basing on his personal point of view on the moral issues of the society. He terrorizes both France and Great Britain highlighting serious social problems. His intentions are not the ones of a psycho – they are revealed in the end of the series.

The Detectives

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Stephen Dillane acts as British Detective Chief Inspector named Karl Roebuck. He’s from Northbourne Police. He’s a stubborn aging police officer used to doing everything only the way he wants. He is a prototype of Martin Rohde from the original series Danish detective. Martin ad Karl has lots of things in common, however, they’ve got some characteristics that make them unique – if you have seen the original series, you’ll get it. Karl looks smarter and more educated. Dillane is interested in political questions.
Cl?mence Po?sy acts as Capitaine Elise Wassermann. She’s a French detective and she’s extremely different from her partner, Roebuck. Her parallel character is Saga Nor?n from The Bridge, a Swedish detective. Both of them drive a Porsche and have casual sex with different unknown men she picks up at the bar. She’s honest and sometimes looks even too serious. Po?sy was the one who dubbed her characters for the French version.
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Is the 3rd Season Possible?

There’s no news about the continuation of the series and it’s renewal for the third season, but the series enjoyed positive ratings and favorable reviews from the critics and from the viewers. Stay tuned not to miss the news about possible broadcasts of The Tunnel.


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