The Strain 3 Season Release Date

The Strain 3 season release date

The Strain 3 season release date has been rumored. The details are given below.

In the mid-July of 2015 FX channel began showing the second season of the sci-fi series The Strain many fans began to wonder when The Strain 3 season premiere will be.
The TV show’s director Guillermo del Toro presented the audience his fascinating horror about vampires. Events in the series begin with the moment in New York’s John F. Kennedy airport where the suspicious aircraft landed with portholes tightly closed and lights extinguished.

The Plot:

To deal with this mysterious plane the medical team led by an experienced epidemiologist comes. On board, two hundred passengers turned out to be dead and only four of them survived. After a while, the dead people begin to disappear. Later it is revealed that the passengers have the virus of vampirism. The Big Apple is threatened by the new epidemic virus with no cure.

The Strain 3 season release date has been rumored

Judging by the ratings the TV show has all chances to be extended even for the fourth season.
The Strain 3 season release date is rumored for summer of 2016.
We should expect for The Strain 3 season release date on Bluray and DVD at the end of 2016.
Watch The Strain 2 season trailer:

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