The Royals Season 3

The home channel for the newcomer in the British television named “The Royals” has already stated the serial will be resumed in the near future. This comes to be unexpected yet inspiring news as the reviews from critics come to be implacably negative. So the developers decided to take another risk in the hope to reclaim the current situation with ratings.

Basic info about the project

The serial makes for the story that revolves around the mundane life of a royal family in the UK. The serial is by the way developed by an American company even if it sounds a bit strange for you.
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The opening of the pioneer season was held in the middle of March of the preceding year. The channel for broadcasting is considered to be E!. The order for the sophomore chapter was made yet before the debut of the first chapter. The second chapter was put to airing the same year as the first one but this time in fall. So the developers have made the fans of the serial get used to enjoying their favorite project twice a year. However, the team of admirers comes to be not so overcrowded. However, let’s turn to the ratings of the serial a bit later.
The serial is founded on the masterpiece “Falling for Hamlet” by the authorship of Michael Ray. It presents an interesting fact that each episode is started with the line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Narrative details

The Royals is reckoned to be a social unit but very unusual. The thing is that they are busy with solving royal and consequently country issues. There appear no only troubles concerning the inheritance of the throne, the intense social supervision of the family members, the wealthy lifestyle, but also the loving affairs, rising in revolt against the government, and other exciting and dramatic intrigues.
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The queen consort named Helena Henstridge is considered to be the only one person who attempts to keep the family together in canicular days.

What is about the acceptance of the serial?

The serial has received unexpectedly mostly negative commentaries from critics that have bashed it for being too soapy both in terms of the narrative and dialogues together with monologs.
As for the aggregate number of viewers, it is also not so promising. The pioneer season is evaluated in the amount of about 1 million people. With the release of the sophomore chapter the rating of the serial dropped by practically 50% and achieved 0.6 million viewers.

What is about the renewal issues?

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With such poor rating number and negative reviews, there was little chance that the serial could obtain another continuation. However, the developers seem to decide not to hang the jib and have declared the resumption in the form of the third season this year.
So far there is no information about The Royals season 3 release date as well as about other details of the soapy and provocative plot. So we have nothing to do but to wait for the official news coming from the reliable resources and to hope that the creators are going to change something in the narrative in order to increase somehow the scoring of the serial.


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