The Romeo Section Season 2

A new portion of thrilling stories for adults is proposed by the new-born serial under the name “The Romeo Section”. Being released as far back as in the preceding year, the series has been already revived for the second installment that is slated to appear this particular fall.

Discussing the basic issues of production

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Making for the thrilling series with speckles of a sexy story, The Romeo Section presents a serial by Canadian production. Being held on the CBC Television channel, the airing began in the middle of October in the previous year.
The project can be reckoned as a feather in the cap of Chris Haddock who has developed the storyline collaborating with Jesse McKeown and has brought it to light. If you haven’t acquainted with this author, we should acknowledge you that he is a famous screenwriter of intelligence drama series being highly appraised throughout the world.
The serial is now composed of only one pioneer season which in its turn, includes full ten episodes.

What does this story for adults offer to us?

The central storyline simmers down to the intelligence agency called “Romeo Section” which existence is kept in a strict secrecy for the known reasons. The principal agents of this department are called Romeo and Juliet. Being involved every time in romantic relationship with the targets of a working interest, they serve as responsible informants.
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Wolfgang McGee is reckoned to be a professor and the spearhead of this intelligence section. The cooperative work of their close-knit community involves solving cases of murder, drug lords, corruption, and lies by means of spying.
When watching the serial, it comes to understanding that the story is more of a psychologically thrilling type. Much action is depicted together with the most intertwined mysteries. So the viewers cannot be disappointed by the tiresome narrative while watching the project.

Favorable reviews and enthusiastic acceptance

Among various Canadian serials, this particular one stands out as the breakthrough on the local television. Receiving a large number of favorable commentaries towards the subject of the story and the very way it is depicted, the serial becomes a matter of anticipation among the admirers of the intelligence genre.

When can we expect new episodes?

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With the tendency being quite promising in its nature, the developers of the project turn to be just compelled to continue developing it having no chance to leave the loyal following garnered already by the series without new episodes. So we are all in the dire need of the story continuation.
According to the present situation, the serial stands as resumed for the sophomore chapter. Though we do not know The Romeo Section season 2 release date, we are aware fortunately that the upcoming installment is expected to appear this particular autumn. Consequently, the concrete launch date is going to become clear getting closer to the end of this summer.


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