The Punisher Season 1

The Punisher is a web TV series getting ready to be released by American Netflix channel. The creator of the series is Steve Lightfoot. The characters of the series are based on the original characters created by Marvel Comics. The action revolves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The plot of the series will partially intercept with plotlines of other characters active in the Marvel Universe. The production matters are carried out by Marvel Television. ABC Studios also deals with the production all together with Lightfoot. The Punisher season 1 release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, the official release of the first new episode is planned for the upcoming year.

The action of the series concentrates on Frank Castle. He uses his personal methods while dealing with crimes in the city. He was called the Punisher for his lethal methods. Jon Bernthal was chosen to portray the main character. In 2011, the series was suggested for Fox, but the channel rejected. In June of 2015, Bernthal portrayed the main character of the second installment of Daredevil. A spin-off entitled The Punisher entered the production phase in January of 2016. In April of 2016, Marvel and Netflix confirmed the release with Lightfoot as a show runner and a producer. The filming started in 2016 in NYC.

The Punisher Season 1 date release


Frank Castle suffers hardships after his family is murdered by an unknown criminal. He decides to turn into The Punisher – a vigilante in the world of criminals. He fights crimes and methods he chooses are often violent.

The Punisher Season 1

Cast & Characters

  • Jon Bernthal portrays Frank Castle further called the Punisher. Fights the criminal world by all possible means. He doesn’t care about the lethality of his results. Bernthal studied the former portrayals of his character. He was mostly inspired by Dirty Laundry filmed in 2012 with Thomas Jane playing the main character. Bernthal calls his character a tortured, angry husband and father led by loss and torment.
  • Ben Barnes portrays the best friend of Castle named Billy Russo. He was a member of Special Forces. He’s the owner of a military corporation.
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach portrays an ex-analyst from NSA named Micro. He assists Castle.
  • Amber Rose Revah portrays a security agent named Dinah Madani.
  • Deborah Ann Woll portrays an ex-assistant of Matt Murdock named Karen Page. She’s also a reporter that gets friend with Castle while investigating into his case.
  • Daniel Webber portrays a young veteran named Lewis Walcott. Has troubled civilian life.
  • Jason R. Moore portrays Castle’s friend named Curtis Hoyle. He’s one of those rare people knowing Castle is alive.
  • Paul Schulze portrays a highly respected member of CIA named Rawlins. Meets Caste in Afghanistan.
  • Jaime Ray Newman portrays the wife of Micro named Sarah Lieberman.
  • Michael Nathanson portrays a security agent named Sam Stein.

The Punisher Season 1

1st Season Air Date

There’s no official info on the exact release date, but the series will certainly be released in 2017. When The Punisher release date becomes known, we will share it with you. The first season release date is about to be announced.

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