The Player Season 2

The Player (previously titled Endgame) is an action TV series created and released in the USA. The creators of the series are John Rogers and John Fox. The cast includes Philip Winchester, Wesley Snipes and Charity Wakefield. The channel ordered The Player in May of 2015 to be released from the 24th of September to the 19th of November 2015. The Player season 2 release date is unknown.

Unfortunately, the series didn’t turn out to be successful demonstrating poor ratings. The producers had to cut a number of episodes. The first season had been reduced from the pre-ordered 14 to 9 episodes. The production had been shut down after the release of the 9th new episode that turned out to be the last one in the project. The airing rights were sold to a number of countries worldwide.

The Player Season 2 date release


The main character of the series is Alex Kane (portrayed by Phillip Winchester). He works as an expert in security in Las Vegas. His usual way of life changes unpredictably after the visit of his former wife named Ginny (portrayed by Daisy Betts). She is murdered by unknown people. Kane is willing to find and catch the murderers. When he starts this affair, he gets involved into a gambling operation headed by Isaiah Johnson (portrayed by Wesley Snipes) referred to as the Pit Boss, and by Cassandra King (portrayed by Charity Wakefield) referred to as the Dealer. King and Johnson make bets on crimes and recruit Kane as the Player, able to influence the results of this game.

The Player Season 2

Main Cast

  • Philip Winchester as portrays the character of The Player named Alex Kane;
  • Charity Wakefield as portrays the dealer named Cassandra King;
  • Damon Gupton portrays a detective from the police department of Las Vegas named Cal Brown;
  • Wesley Snipes portrays the pit boss named Mr. Isaiah Johnson;

Recurring Cast

  • Daisy Betts portrays former wife of Alex named Virginia Lee, referred to as Ginny;
  • Nick Wechsler portrays a boyfriend of Cassandra named Nick;
  • Richard Roundtree portrays Samuel Letts, the judge;
  • KaDee Strickland portrays the character of Rose Nolan, a Special Agent;
  • Courtney Grosbeck portrays the niece of Alex named Dani.

The Player Season 2


Rotten Tomatoes gave the series 38% rating with general 4.1 points rating out of 10 possible basing on the reviews of 45 critics. Almost everyone agrees that the cast is enjoyable, but the plot gets the series down the drain bringing nothing fresh to the world of crime drama on TV. Metacritic gave it 43 points out of 100 possible basing on the reviews of 25 critics.

2nd Season Air Date

The 9th episode of the first season was released on the 19th of November 2015. The show received poor ratings, which made the producer cut the first season short. Looks that the chances for the renewal are quite feeble. 2nd season release date hasn’t been announced and it looks like the show will never be revived.

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