The Player Season 2

One of the most popular American channels called NBC is now to announce the launch of the sophomore chapter of the newcomer on television titled “The Player”. The ratings are not quite promising and there is a possibility that the serial can be canceled.

What do we know about the new action TV drama?

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The Player makes for TV series produced by American companies and aired on NBC.   The leading role is performed by the way by Philip Winchester. The spearheads of the behind-the-scene crew are considered to be by John Rogers and John Fox. As for the fabrication company, it is presented specifically by the entire team of studios named Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment and Kung Fu Monkey.
Originally named as “Endgame”, the serial debuted on its home TV network at the end of September in the preceding year.
The acting cast is composed of such actors and actresses as Winchester, Wesley Snipes, and some others.

Narrative details

This story enlarges upon the life of an ex-militant named Alex Kane. He serves currently as expert in security issues. The action itself is set in Las Vegas. The principal hero gets in trouble when his former spouse turns to be killed by some strangers. And he comes to be to the main suspect in this case.
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Being in luck to leave the hospital in which he has been held, Alex turns to be chosen by a woman who introduces our main character to the head of the intelligence organization named Mr. Johnson. They are dealing with people who cash in on the outcome of crimes in their city.
Alex is proposed to become the so-called player n their team whose main goal is to prevent these criminal situations from taking place. He first refuses from accomplishing these duties, but then makes up his mind to assume such responsibility when realizing that it is the best way to inflict vengeance upon those who have killed his ex-wife. Whether he succeeds, the time will show.

The rating issues

Originally, the order of NBC for the project comprised 13 episodes in the form of the pioneer season. But with the rating numbers being surprisingly low, this amount was decreased to nine parts. What was the reason for such unexpectedly low ranking? This question is answered by critics. The thing is that the plot of the serial turns to leave much to be desired in terms of realistic and interesting events. So the creators are to the right of creating another season but in this case they should reconsider the whole concept of the story in order to gain at least some average rating numbers.
The Player Season 2 Cast

Can we expect the release of the sequential season?

With such sorrowful situation with ranking, we can conclude that there are not so much chances that the serial will get a continuation in the form of the sophomore season. So there is no confirmation concerning The Player season 2 release date as well as the probability of the resumption. But let’s keep abreast of news in case the situation is changed by the producers of the project.


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