The Other Kingdom Season 2

The Other Kingdom is a fantasy TV series released in collaboration of Canadian and Australian filmmakers. This sitcom for teenagers was released on the 10th of April 2016 by Nickelodeon channel. The production matters are carried out by DHX Media. Creator and executive producer of the project is Thomas W. Lynch. Nickelodeon is yet to announce The Other Kingdom season 2 release date in the upcoming year.

The Other Kingdom Season 2 date release


The central character of the series is Astral – a Fairy Princess. She came to the world of humans from Athenia, a kingdom of fairies. She starts going to usual high school communicating with other teens, sharing their troubles and studying the way the world of humans works in every new episode. She spends 90 days as a high school student and then her task is to decide whether she wants to get back to her motherland or stay in the human world, eventually turning into a human being. In the world of people she’s a foreign exchange student. Her human name is Winston.

  The Other Kingdom Season 2

Cast & Characters

  • Astral (portrayed by Esther Zynn) is from Athenia – a kingdom of fairies. Studies at high school as a foreign student learning how to communicate with usual people.
  • Tristan (portrayed by Callan Potter) – one of the cutest boys at school. In the course of the series, he turns out to be Astral’s love interest the prince of Spartania.
  • Morgan (portrayed by Celina Martin) – best friend of Astral. Fond of everything connected with fairies and magic.
  • Devon (portrayed by Taylor Adams) – another friend of Astral. In the course of the series, she turns out to be a half fairy and cousin of Astral.
  • Hailey (portrayed by Josette Halpert) – rival of Astral and a popular girl at school.
  • King Oberon (portrayed by Martin Roach) – father of Astral. Rules the kingdom of Athenia.
  • Queen Titania (portrayed by Tori Anderson) – mother of Astral. The second ruler of the kingdom of fairies.
  • Versitude (portrayed by Alvina August) – King Oberon and Queen Titania’s advisor. Doesn’t like humans.
  • Winston (portrayed by C.J. Byrd-Vassell) – an exchange student from England. Stays in the world of fairies while Astral stays in the world of people.
  • Peter Quince (portrayed by Brett Donahue) – father of Devon. Turns out to be an elder brother of King Oberon. Left the kingdom because he was fond of technological progress of the humans.
  • Oswald (portrayed by Jeff Douglas) – looks after Astral living in the world of humans. His height is just 7 inches.
  • Brendoni (portrayed by Matt Burns) – cousin of Astral. A troll that is going to be the next ruler of Athenia if Astral chooses staying in the world of people.
  • PeaseBlossom (portrayed by Torri Webster) – a fairy without wings helping Winston in her motherland.

The Other Kingdom Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The second season release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers aren’t planning to shut down the project. We will be waiting for more news to appear and will let you know when the producers announce their plans for the release and possible broadcasts.

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