The Other Kingdom Season 2

That’s a fantastic sitcom created in Canada and released by Nickelodeon on the 10th of April 2016. The production is realized by DHX Media. The creator and the developer of the project is Thomas W. Lynch. There are 20 episodes in total.


The plot centers on the Fairy Princess named Astral. She came from a Fairy kingdom called Athenia to the world of human beings pretending to be a human too. Her task is to live the way usual humans live, attend school and communicate with friends and classmates. The task lasts for 90 days and in the end, she is to make her decision: get back to Athenia, or stay in the world of humans and turn into a human too. Astral gets a fake name and becomes a foreign exchange student in the world of people. Now her name is Winston – a girl ready for challenges of the unknown world.
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Main Characters

  • Astral (portrayed by Esther Zynn). Athenia princess getting a chance to interact with the world of humans. Pretends to be a foreign student.
  • Tristan (portrayed by Callan Potter). Astral’s romantic interest. Turns out to be the lost prince of another magic kingdom called Spartania.
  • Morgan (portrayed by Celina Martin). Best friend of Astral. Fond of everything referring to the world of fairies.
  • Devon (portrayed by Taylor Adams). Another Astral’s friend that turns out to be half fairy and Astral’s cousin sister.
  • Hailey (portrayed by Josette Halpert). The most popular girl at school. Astral hates her.

Recurring Characters

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  • King Oberon (portrayed by Martin Roach). Astral’s dad and one of the people ruling Athenia.
  • Queen Titania (portrayed by Tori Anderson). Astral’s mom.
  • Versitude (portrayed by Alvina August). King Oberon and Queen Titania advisor on important affairs. She is smart and secretive. Hates humans.
  • Winston (portrayed by C.J. Byrd-Vassell). Exchange student from England. Lives in Athenia while Astral live in the world of humans.
  • Peter Quince (portrayed by Brett Donahue). Devon’s dad. Turns out to be King Oberon’s elder brother fond of technological progress of the society of humans.
  • Oswald (portrayed by Jeff Douglas). He’s a brave knight keeping an eye on Astral travelling in the world of humans. He’s only 7 inches tall in the world of humans.
  • Brendoni (portrayed by Matt Burns). Astral’s cousin and the one who’s going to rule the magic kingdom if Astral decides to stay in the world of humans.
  • When Brendoni (portrayed by Adam Peddle). Also one of the newcomers to the world of humans.
  • PeaseBlossom (portrayed by Torri Webster). She’s a fairy without wings always ready to support Winston in Athenia.

Release Date Info

DHX keeps silent about their plans for the continuation of the series. We’ll share the latest updates as soon as we know something about them.


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