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Compared to Stranger Things, The OA promises to be even more ominous and mysterious than the project. Netflix keeps gladdening its audiences yet is everything so perfect with the series under discussion? In any case, it seems being worth its attention. The channel had revealed info about it only one day before the debut, which was arranged in December 2016. The streaming platform has followed a better approach, has not it, without those preliminary promotions to keep the audience tension about what is going to happen? Do you like this approach? Have you watched the episodes? Do you feel impressed? Are you waiting for the exposal of The OA season 2 release date?
Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling are two collaborators working on the project. Their cooperation is known to be already successful for such products as the 2011 psychological thriller “The Sound of My Voice” and the 2013 spy thriller "The East”. Moreover, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner are contributing greatly to the production as executives.
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Acting Cast and Storyline of The OA Season 2

Do you believe in miracles? Can a person be healed though doctors have been saying to him or her that there is no hoping? The mystery of the story is not only in this. The main heroine of the narrative is a young girl. Prairie Johnson is her name. She is blind or, particularly saying, was blind, before her mysterious disappearance. For seven years long, her family has been searching for her but it was in vain. Getting used to her absence in their lives with time passing, they face her returning one day. Surely, they are so happy about her coming back. But with this, several questions appear now. The first one is where she has been for so long time while the second is why she has appeared with her blindness healed. Who has cured her?
The idea is marvelous, as you see, as well as the choice of the following performers:

  • Brit Marling,
  • Emory Cohen,
  • Scott Wilson,
  • Phyllis Smith,
  • Alice Krige,
  • Patrick Gibson.

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Contradictory Acceptance

The complexity of the story was one of the promises made by the creators. Yet this feature has played a low-down trick, actually. According to reviews that are mixed, on a side note, the story lacks in the binding thread that can connect all those scenes that are like from separate series, getting closer to the ending. Despite this, the story boasts 8.7 out of 10 on IMDb and, thus, supposedly a decent viewership with each new episode on TV screens. This achievement may say that the series can be produced further despite some criticism. Herewith the question appears. When will the new season air date become common knowledge?
Regardless, the new season release date is to be announced not in the near future, obviously. Stay tuned for news concerning the renewal for cycle 2!

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