The Night Shift Season 3

Are you fond of medical dramas as for example “Grey’s Anatomy”? If your answer is yes, welcome to viewing another new project devoted to the life of hospital residents. Their life consists not only of work but also of private affairs. Sometimes these affairs seem to influence their success at work. So enjoy the already released episodes and look forward to the upcoming new season.

Basic info

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The Night Shift is reckoned to be a TV series of a medical genre. The immediate creators of the story are Gave Sachs and Jeff Judah. The opening night was held practically two years ago, if to be more concrete at the end of May. The home channel for the series is reckoned to be the TV giant titled NBC.
The acting cast includes such actors and actresses as Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Jeananne Goossen, Freddy Rodriguez, Robert Bailey Jr., Scott Wolfe, and some others. All of them are mainly the surgeons, some of them are simply administrators.

What is about the plot of the serial?

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The story centers on the medical workers, particularly on those who are dealing with the cases in the emergency room. The main character is Dr. TC Callahan. He and his love affairs with new member of the hospital team named Dr. Jordan Alexander are considered to be the principal components of the storyline. They are quarreling all the time by the way.
The minor heroes crew consists of Dr. Topher Zia, who is a doctor with his own practice is practically always on the combat zone, a hospital manager Dr. Michael Ragosa, Dr. Drew Alister, who is reckoned to be an army doctor with gay inclinations, Dr. Paul Cummings who works hard in order not be considered as his parent follower, Dr. Scott Clemmens the main surgeon at the medical center, and also Dr. Krista Bell-Hart, a new surgeon who attempts to tumble over herself.

Ratings and release date of the upcoming season

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The Night Shift has obtained mixed commentaries since its debut a couple of years ago. Though the ratings on various websites are more or less average, the audiences’ number in the day of a regular episode release is evaluated in more than 5 million viewers. This is considered by the developers to be enough for keeping the story on TV screens.
Right after the release of the final episode of the second chapter it was stated officially that the series is about to be resumed for the third season. NBC particularly has already defined the debut date for a new season. So The Night Shift season 3 release date is appointed for June 1, 2016. This news has come very recently.
The premiere date is considered to be early but this gives some advantages in front of the TV giant CBS’s drama premiere. This drama is titled “American Gothic” and presents a kind of threat to the NBC rating during this summer. So the admirers of the continued medical drama are in luck to enjoy their favorite serial in the surprisingly early access and should thank the producers of the rival channel for this summer present.

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