The Night Manager Season 2

This year we are lucky to enjoy the appearance of the magnificent Hugh Laurie in the new criminal drama under the title “The Night Manager”. Though the ratings in Britain are topping record levels, there is no information so far about the serial resumption.

Basic info about the new project

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The Night Manager presents a criminal story that overflows with action and thrilling things. The age limit is 16 years. The debut of the show has been held this year, particularly at the end of February. Now we have 6 episodes of the first season at hand.
The story turns to be founded on the novel written by an outstanding British author John LeCarre under the same title. The novel was adapted by the leader of the given serial named David Farr. The fabrication of the project is given to such companies as BBC, The Ink Factory, and AMC. The home channel for the British serial is BBC One. The release of the project in the USA is slated for April 19, 2016.
The star cast includes such famous personalities as Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, and the one and the only Hugh Laurie.

Plot summary

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The plot enlarges upon one former soldier of a British who serves as a night manager in one Egyptian hotel in Cairo. His name is Jonathan Pine. He turns to get involved in a secret operation of the British Intelligence. The officer Angela Burr recruits the main character. His goal is to implement into the criminal crew the members of which are dealing with the illegal arms traffic. This dealers team consists of Richard Roper (performed by the way by the imposing Hugh Laurie), his loving partner Jed, and his companion Corkoran.

High ratings and announced renewals

The Night Manager Season 2 Cast
The audiences’ numbers are speaking got themselves. Can you imagine that the debut of the series has counted more than 8 million viewers at once? The serial has been maintaining this stance while the action has been gaining traction with the release of each episode.
The IMDb score is also higher than the average number – more than 8.5 from 10 points. In such a way the viewers have evaluated the serial. The reviews from critics are pretty positive as well.
The British auditory lavishes praise upon the serial’s incredible acting quality and the successful attempts of the creator to adapt the style of LeCarre books.
It is curious that the preceding experience of embodying the story of LeCarre was nothing but a complete failure due to the format of the picture being too short to include all the necessary things of the author’s manner. The simplification of the story, thus, is not the way out in this case.
The Night Manager season 2 release date remains now unknown, unfortunately as well as the possibility of the renewal. The creators are yet to shape the future of the project. So there is nothing to do but to keep waiting for the news to come straight from the horse’s mouth. Stay tuned in order to be notified about the official statements from the developers timely.


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