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Family Channel is full of programs but one project should be given a special review. We are talking about the TV drama under the title “The Next Step” which centers of the life of teenage dancers. The series has now 4 seasons in its luggage and we hope for the appearance of the next one in the near future.


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The Next Step is reckoned to be a romantic family TV drama by Canadian production broadcast on Family Channel. The main persons in the behind-the-scene crew are Marcin Wasiliewski and Frank Van Keeken. The executive team involves such personalities as Ivan Schneeberg, Van Keeken, and also David Fortier. The fabrication company is titled Temple Street Productions.
The opening of the serial was held in 2013. The current fourth season started in the middle of February this year. Now we have 102 episodes at our disposal.
The acting cast includes such stars as Victoria Baldesarra, Trevor Tordjman, Brittany Raymond, and many others.

What is about the storyline?

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The serial comes to be about dancing. It revolves around the troupe of dancers of the Next Step studio and their mundane everyday life that overflows with preparations for various competitions. The dancers are teenagers and not only has their dancing career meant everything to them. They are at the age when romantic feelings and emotions are filling their heart fully. It is an intense drama indeed because it spotlights the life not only a teenager but a competitor who must be strong enough to survive in the cruel world of manipulations, inequality, and other things that are mainly the characteristics of an adult person life.
The competitions in which the members of the studio are taking part are by the way not only regional but also of international caliber.
The serial though considered as for enjoyment is chock-full of thought-provoking moments which present a food for further scrutinizing from the point-of-view of philosophy and psychology.

Ratings and chances of renewal

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The serial has turned to be so poular that the developers have made up their minds to create another project under the title “The Next Step Aftershow” which was accepted by the way with flying flowers. In this past March, the third part of the given spin-off has been launched.
Let’s define the exact rating number. So according to the statistics, the highest peak of the series popularity is evaluated in more than 1 million viewers. For this network it is considered to be the above-average rating. This leads us to a certain conclusion. Particularly, the series has a very steady potential which must be certainly developed.
Unfortunately, there is no certain official statement about the renewal of the series? What can it really mean? Do the developers want to continue only the spin-off? These questions are hard to answer. And now there is no way out but to wait and see, and also hope for the better news to come. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified timely.


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