The Missing Season 3

The Missing is a drama TV series created and released in Great Britain. The release was carried out by BBC One with the first season release date on the 28th of October 2014. In the USA, it was released on the 15th of November 2014 by Starz channel. The series is a result of collaborative work between BBC and Starz. The Missing season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the show is still going.

Season 1 Plot

The plotline of the series surrounds Tony Hughes. In summer of 2006, he travels to the UK for the FIFA World Cup. He gets there together with his wife named Emily and their son Oliver. He’s 5 years old. When they get to France, something happens with their car and it breaks down in one of the local provincial towns. They have to stay the night there. At night, Tony and Oliver get to one of the local bars situated outdoors and Oliver disappears in the crowd.
The Missing Season 3 date release

Tony and Emily have been looking for their son for 8 years since that time. The investigation has been long and the happily married couple divorced due to horrific emotional tension. Tony has never stopped searching for his son. One day he finds a photo of a French village with a little boy on it. Tony realizes that the boy on the picture is wearing a scarf looking the same as Oliver’s. That was a scarf specifically made for his son. Tony starts his personal investigation to find out the truth.

Season 1 Main Cast

  • James Nesbitt portrays the father of Oliver named Tony Hughes. Devotes his life to the search of his son.
  • Frances O’Connor portrays Tony’s wife named Emily Hughes. She’s the mom of Oliver that feels devastated after the tragedy. Leaves Tony and starts a relationship with Mark Walsh, a detective working on the case of her missing son.
  • The Missing Season 3

  • Tchéky Karyo portrays the main detective working on the case of Oliver named Julien Baptiste. Has troubles with his daughter addicted to drugs.
  • Jason Flemyng portrays an English detective having his holiday in Chalons De Bois in 2006. He becomes the main support for the Hughes. Develops romantic feelings to Emily.

Season 2 Plot

There are two timelines in the story. The plot is partially set in 2014 and in the present time. Every new episode of the second series takes place not far from Hanover in Germany. The story revolves around Sam and Gemma Webster and their missing daughter named Alice. She disappeared in 2003. In 2014, the police makes an official announcement about Alice’s reappearance and starts the investigation. Alice says that she has been kept together with Sophie Giroux, a girl who went missing the same year. Julien Baptiste, the French detective travels to many places in order to find out the answers.
The Missing Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

Season 2 set in Germany, was released by BBC One on the 12th of October 2016. The series is still on, but BBC One keeps silent about the fate of the series and doesn’t tell when it will be released. We keep tuned to the official media of The Missing and will announce news about a possible renewal as soon as it becomes available.

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