The Mick Season 2

Fox made a great start this year with launching a promising comedy series “The Mick” following an aunt, as she is forced to deal with the upbringing of her three nephews. The first installment is still airing so we should not complain that The Mick season 2 release date is unknown. The renewal is the very thing we should wait for.
Premiering on January 1, 2017, the freshman chapter was supposed to contain 13 parts. However, the audience appreciated the quality of the hilarious and relaxing series at once and the order for more four new episodes was made as soon as the third part came out on TV screens.

As a joint venture of Dave and John Chernin serving as executives, The Mick is financed and produced by Bingbangboom Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Television. The lead roles are taken by the following members of the cast:

  • Kaitlin Olson,
  • Thomas Barbusca,
  • Jack Stanton,
  • Sofia Black D’Elia and others.

Kaitlin Olson, Nicholas Frenkel, Oly Obst, and Randall Einhorn appear as producers contributing also substantially to the project.

Forced to Take Care of Her Sister’s Brood

Mackenzie Murphy is a restless lazybones who prefers to keep aloof from responsibility. However, it follows hard on heels when she comes to visit her sister Poodle living in Connecticut. Much unpredictably, she and her husband are taken into custody for tax evasion and fraud. What should Mickey do in this situation? Surely, no choice is left but to start caring for her three nephews Sabrina, Chip, and Ben.
The Mick Season 2 Release Date
The things are expected to get the right direction for Mickey so that she could free herself from those duties hung on her against her will but when Poodle and Christopher make up their minds to flee the country Mickey finds herself stuck in this city and house for an undetermined period. The atmosphere gets hotter, as she understands that these children are not so easy in handling, being very spoiled by their parents.

Are Renewal Chances High?

As we have said, the series has hit the airwaves with unpredictable top-notch results. The season premiere boasts about 9 million watchers. The subsequent episodes experienced substantial decline in viewership – around 3.5 million viewers per each new episode. This was not a reason, however, to get sad for the developers and producers of the channel, as the order for bonus episodes took place.
The second season release date cannot be a goal for today browsing, certainly, as the fate has not been defined yet. Let’s concentrate our attention on the announcement of the renewal and leave alone the following season air date. Just follow us!


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