The Magicians Season 2

Are you anxious to watch the continuation of the new story under the title “The Magicians”? If yes, we have great inspiring news for you. The fact is that Syfy has formally resumed the series for the second chapter.

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The series is a fantasy by genre. The story has a firm foundation – the eponymous book created  by Lev Grossman. Before the release, the developers made up their minds to whet the audiences appetite and launched the premise at the end of the preceding year. The full-fledged release has started at the end of January this year.
The series is considered to be a successful result of collaboration that has hit the spot. Such companies as Man Sewing Dinosaur, Groundswell Productions and Universal Cable Productions, and also McNamara Moving Company have been participating in the filming of the series. As for the leaders of the projects, they are presented by such personalities as John McNamara and Sera Gamble.
The acting cast includes such young actors and actresses as Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, and others.

Plot summary

Let’s turn now our attention to the immediate storyline. So the principal charcter of the story is considered to be Quentin Coldwater. This young man starts his educational process at fictional school titled Brakebills College. He has chosen the specialization of Magical Pedagogy. While learning more and more at this school, the main hero begins to realize that magic is a very hazardous and powerful thing that threatens the human race.
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His best friend Julia Wicker, however, turns to be not admitted to this college. That’s why she enters a secret magical society.

What about the audience reception?

The serial can be compared by its fantastical format with the legendary story about Harry Potter and his friends. However, the serial has not manages to achieve the same popularity which can be nevertheless reckoned as the average one. And this is truly enough for the further production of the story.
Let’s speak now about the exact rating scores. The audience number of the serial is quite steady – about I million viewers. Such unexpected amount is caused by the extreme simplification of the novel, if to take into consideration the opinions of those who are acquainted with the book. According to the practically unanimous point-of view of the critics, the plot has turned to be not so well-connected as in the book.
The Magicians Season 2 Cast

When can we expect the renewal of the series?

Though the reviews are much inspiring, the developers have resumed the story for another season, maybe in the hope to rectify the general verdict. So far, however, there is no available information about The Magicians release date as well as the details of the plot and possible changes in the cast. Stay tuned in order to be notified about all the necessary data about the fantastical series straight from the reliable official resources.

Update: The Magicians Season 2’s Fate Decided

It’s always sad when a show is discontinued. Even worse when there’s no finale. But don’t worry that such a fate might be awaiting this show! Because not only have the producers made their intentions clear, they have finally made The Magicians Season 2 release date available for us, the public.
It will take us some time to get to the point when we can enjoy the new episodes and plot twist but not too long. A little more than a month, in fact. The second season will come out on January 25, 2017. All we have to do is wait.
And, while you’re waiting, make sure to stay tuned with us! Who know what happens next. It is not impossible that the release date will shift a little bit.


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