The Legend of Croc Gold Season 2

The Legend of Croc Gold Season 2 Release Date


The Legend of the Croc Gold is an adventure serial with reality features. The season premiere of it was not so long ago and if you like it, you can watch the second one. The Legend of Croc Gold 2 Season season release date was the 16th of December in the year of 2016, so you must find a piece of free time to watch it and to enjoy each of the presented moment. Also, that is information about season air date.


Here in the cast, you will see Farley Dean. He is the only one character, who will present the most extraordinary skills to you. So, you will appreciate it at all. The serial is produced by Duke Straub, Royal Malloy, Alex Eastburg and Colt Straub.


That is the documental serial, which will present you the story of a gold miner. He will show you the lifestyle, which is so offbeat and mystical. Together with the other workers, this guy works on the Bougainville island, that is located in the Papua New Guinea coast.

Here he wanted to find the prosperity, because he believes, that the life can be other, more incredible and successful. In the new season, you will see, how the people live in untouched nature and what are the water reservoirs here. Each day isn’t the same, as the previous one.

But one of the biggest obstacles in this place is a big amount of crocodiles. They have already killed a lot of his colleges, so now Farley must be very careful – the one wrong movement can be the cause of his death.

The new episodes will present you the life on the Earth planet and Farley will present you all the possibilities of it. You will see, how to behave in extraordinary situations. That will help you to be ready to such situations when you will appear in the wild nature.


That is long-expected serial because a lot of extraordinary situations will be shown here. The mind-numbing plot and the brave man – what can be better. This is one of the greatest ideas, so you will have a lot of good thoughts when watching it.

Pay attention to the nature and the beauty of it. And, as you now, there are a lot of dangerous animals and reptiles appear. They will help you to spend a free time with great delight and that wouldn’t be a problem for you. Children aren’t allowed to watch the new episode because it is full of dangerous and complicated situations. The only fan of wild nature will accept it.

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