The Last Ship Season 4

The Last Ship is an action drama post-apocalyptic TV series creates and released in the USA. The project was inspired by a novel written in 1988 by William Brinkley. In spring of 2013, TNT channel ordered the first season consisting of 10 episodes. It was first aired on the 22nd of June 2014. Good news is that the producers are about to share The Last Ship season 4 release date and something more with the devoted fans. Read further not to miss the new episode in the upcoming year.


The action of the series is set after a global apocalypse – unknown pandemic kills more than 80% of people on the planet. The series follows a large group of people trying to survive and find something that can cure the virus. Their aim is to save the humanity from extinction.

The Last Ship Season 4 date release


  • Eric Dane portrays Captain Tom Chandler. His wife died because of the virus. His kids, Ashley and Sam are vaccinated together with his dad named Jed. He’s got two siblings. Was the Chief of Naval Operations and ranked to be the captain of the ship.
  • Rhona Mitra portrays the character of Dr. Rachel Scott. A microbiologist shot dead in season 2. She was the one who tried to get the cure from the virus.
  • Adam Baldwin acts as the executive officer named Mike Slattery. Comes from Chicago. Was a homicide detective in the past. Lost his son because of the virus. In season three becomes a captain of the Nathan James.
  • Charles Parnell acts as Russell Jeter, nicknamed Russ. The senior sailor on the ship.
  • Sam Spruell portrays Quincy Tophet, a microbiologist. Shot dead in season one.
  • Travis Van Winkle portrays one of the leaders on Nathan James – Lieutenant Daniel Joshua Green, referred to as Danny. In the end of the second season, he makes a proposal to Kara. They get engaged. Later they get married. Now they take care of their son named Frankie.
  • Marissa Neitling portrays Kara Green, the Deputy Chief.
  • Christina Elmore portrays one of the officers of the Deck, Alisha Granderson.
  • John Pyper-Ferguson portrays Ken Nolan, referred to as Tex. A private military contractor. An ex member of American Special Forces. Killed in the end of season three after desperate tried to reunite with his family and get news about his divorced wife.
  • Kevin Michael Martin portrays Eric Miller. Was captured by pirates but rescued.
  • Bren Foster portrays Wolf Taylor, nicknamed Wolf-Man, a Chief Petty Officer. A member of U.S. Navy.
  • Bridget Regan portrays Sasha Cooper, an ex-officer of Navy Intelligence. Works as an undercover agent in China.

The Last Ship Season 4

Fourth Season Air Date

In July of 2014, The Last Ship was officially prolonged for a second season made up of 13 episodes. It started on the 21st of June 2015. In August of the same year, The Last Ship was again prolonged for another season also consisting of 13 episodes. Season 3 premiered on the 12th of June 2016. In July of 2016, The Last Ship was prolonged for season 4 consisting of 10 episodes. The exact season release date is unknown yet, but the producers promise to start airing in the middle of 2017.

The Last Ship Season 4

Good news! In the beginning of September 2016, TNT channel announced that they would continue broadcasting the series in 2018. Season 5 is also planned to be aired in the middle of 2018. We will inform you when we get to know more.

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