The Last Panthers 2 Season Release Date

The Last Panthers 2 season release date

The Last Panthers 2 season release date has been scheduled by Sky Atlantic. The details are disclosed below.

The British director Johan Renca with actors Goran Bogdan, Samantha Morton, Igor Bencini and John Hurt will continue to appear in The Last Panthers 2 season premiere.

The Plot:

Three criminals committed the robbery one of the largest jewelry stores in the city of Marseille. The crime in their view it was perfectly planned; they easily escaped from the police and grabbed a bunch of diamonds and jewelry worth more than $ 15 million.
But soon came across a police patrol, two of them have suffered as a result, one was wounded in the forearm, he had to hide in one of the garbage cans.
Second in a shootout with the police hit the little girl, who soon died in the clinic. Because of this terrible incident with the girl, police in Marseille three intensified the search for the perpetrators.
Bandits plagued not only the servants of the law but also the heads of the insurance companies that serve the jewelry store, they want to save a lot of money if they find diamonds, otherwise, all would have to reimburse.

The Last Panthers 2 season release date has been scheduled by Sky Atlantic

One of the officers named Naomi to raise more sensation in all the information agent, the bandits are now drained rocks become almost impossible. The situation is tense in the city to the limit, the detectives are working day and night, connected interpolation.
Naomi manages to find out what made the robbery gang called themselves "Panther", soon it goes on the trail of the leader in Belgrade and sent to him.
The Last Panthers 2 season release date is scheduled for October 2016.
There is no information about the release date of The Last Panthers 2 season on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting watch The Last Panthers 1 season trailer:

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