The Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

The Kingdom season 2 release date
The Kingdom season 2 release date was announced. Will the audience see the continuation of this sports drama television made by DirecTV?
How many episodes we can expect from the new season? All these questions roam the network has a certain time. And the popularity of the series, as well linked to a large extent with the show the musician and actor Nick Jonas.
As it became known the broadcaster from DirecTV has given the green light for the production of the second season of this series about the masters of the martial arts of the first season premiere was held on October 8, 2014. Production of the new season will begin in spring 2015. Since it became known number of runs – they will be issued a 10-episode series and it will happen the next fall.

The Kingdom season 2 release date was announced

And although the network does not disclose information about the ratings, it became known that “The Kingdom was one of the most popular shows on DirecTV for the time of its existence”.
Chris Long from Channel SVP DirecTV said in his statement: “DirecTV very excited reaction to the premiere of the Kingdom which took place last week, prompting criticism and our audience. The series found a very clear response from subscribers DirecTV”.

The Kingdom season 2 release date is October 2015.
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