The Jacksons: Next Generation Season 2

The Jacksons: Next Generation is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The show follows 3T group and its members’ personal and professional lives. The release was carried out by Lifetime with the first season release date on the 2nd of October 2015. The Jacksons: Next Generation season 2 release date is unknown yet, but the viewers seem to enjoy the project.


That’s a brand new docuseries released by Lifetime channel. It concentrates on the well-known Jackson family in their third generation. The cast includes Taj, Taryll, and TJ. All of them are the sons and nephews of Michael Jackson – the children of Jackson 5 members. The show follows the brothers’ work and everyday routine – their struggles to get the balance between professional issues and family responsibilities. It’s a lot more than a traditional family because their famous name demands certain status and behavior.

The Jacksons: Next Generation Season 2 date release

These siblings formed a 3T music band and through the time of their existence, they’ve managed to sell about 3 million records. In every new episode, it’s clearly seen that they’re still suffering a horrible loss – their mom named Dee Dee. The brothers do their best to grow up wonderful children dealing with everyday tasks and challenges. They try to lead an absolutely typical life, however, their renowned last names sometimes add drama to the life of brothers and their families – never-ending rumors, lies, stalkers, and frauds are willing to get anything related to the famous name of Jackson and things they have in life.

The Jacksons: Next Generation Season 2

Reality or Fake?

When The Jacksons: Next Generation was released the viewers were fascinated by the sincerity of the family, by their authenticity. This loving and talented family was raw and open and it actually attracted the audience. The participants of this docu-reality TV series broke the fourth wall talking on camera, which also added charm to the project. The show turned out to be refreshing.

However, with every new episode released, the viewers started to realize that The Jacksons: Next Generation begins acting like typical families from the reality projects and the “reality” they tried to demonstrate didn’t seem that real. The members of the family added too much drama to the project by their behavior.

The Jacksons: Next Generation Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no official info on when the series will continue, but the project seems to attractive to the public and Lifetime Network isn’t planning to shut down the project after only 6 episodes released.

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