The Jack and Triumph Show Season 2

Sitcoms make the biggest part of all the mass of TV projects ever created on TV. Why? Probably, it’s the type of show where you don’t have to follow the plot from the very beginning till the very end. No matter where you start watching it, you get the plot and feel the characters, cause sitcoms make them look a bit theatrical. The Jack and Triumph Show is also one of the most hilarious new sitcom projects on TV. It started on the 20th of February 2015 and finished on the 3rd of April 2015. There are 7 episodes in the show in total. Created by Robert Smigel with Jack McBrayer as the main character it’s really worth seeing.

What Is It About?

The series concentrate our attention on the protagonist named Jack Mlicki. Some time ago, when he was a little kid, he participated as an actor in one of the series for children. It was somewhat a Lassie-series with Triumph. That’s the name of the co-star Comic Dog that takes Jack in the world of decadence with him. Triumph hasn’t been in Jack’s for fifteen years. He’s been simply missing after Jack’s mom took him to Montana. She never told her son what happened to the dog, but actually she threw the dog away in a ditch before moving to a new place.
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Plot Details

The Jack and Triumph Show is revolved around former actors for kids’ films. They are Jack McBrayer and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. Together in 1980s-90s they participated in the filming of a Lassie-like movies. The fictional show was called Triumph’s Boy. But jack grew up.
Jack grew up physically, but he never stopped being a little kid from the hilarious and captivating series. He got used to acting like a kid in life and brought this lifestyle to his adulthood. He’s easy-going, he has a kind heart and he’s very sensitive. He’s extremely na?ve and shy. He’s afraid of people trying to avoid possible contacts. He is considered to be awkward. Now he’s morally sheltered like a hamster in a plastic ball. Isn’t it a nice start for a show?
Jack and Triumph were changing in the course of time leading strange and doubtful lives. They earned enough money on the show and used it whenever they needed. After some time Jack gets to know that everything he earned was squandered by his parents. From this point Jack and Triumph devote their life to thievery, criminal affaires and prostitution.
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Later Jack visits June Gregory. When he was a kid, this actress portrayed his mom in the show. She said she would take care of Jack and Triumph on one certain and strict condition – he chooses the right way in life getting to normal behavior and Christian morals. Jack agrees and does his best while Triumph created constant annoyance.
One day June gets rid of Triumph – throws him in a ditch and leaves. For 15 years Jack lives without Triumph’s bad influence. Then Triumph gets back… How will the characters deal with this tricky situation?

Release Date of Season 2 – Should We Wait for It?

Unfortunately, the show was officially cancelled and will never return to the TV screens.


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