The Hotwives Season 3

Are you waiting for the third installment of The Hotwives? Is this show to your liking? Basing on the famous reality show, the scripted sitcom has only two seasons under its belt. Let’s keep our chins up that the revival is only a matter of time, nothing else. We should think so at least until the cancellation is confirmed formally by the Hulu streaming network.

Brief Review

The series we are set to discuss in this article is the scripted situational comedy created for the video streaming site Hulu. The show is inspired by one of the most widely known reality shows.
The Hotwives Season 3 Promo
The first season appeared on the streaming site in July 2014. The second one debuted in August 2015. So far, only two seasons have been launched. The fate of the third one is yet to be determined. It has been expected that it will appear this year yet the desires are not coming true always, regretfully.
The project production is a matter of resolving for Paramount Digital Entertainment. The exact names of creators are by Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider.

Following the Plot

The sitcom is a parody and turns to show the glamorous lives of housewives hailing from various cities. The title of the first season was The Hotwives of Orlando, while of the second one – The Hotwives in Las Vegas. So, each part depicts the life of different heroines.
Each season depicts the personalities of fictional women as they lead their lives fighting over their love for shopping, plastic surgery, and the pursuit of spending money that their husbands earn working hard.

Latest Installment

In the sophomore chapter, we are to follow the pampered heroines coming from Las Vegas. They are named Denise Funt (played by Danielle Schneider), Phe Phe Reed (played by Tymberlee Hill), Jenfer Beudon (Casey Wilson), Callie Silversan (played by Erinn Hayes), Stephanie (played by Angela Kinsey), Ivanka Silversan (played by Andrea Savage), and Leona Carpeze (played by Dannah Phirman).
The Hotwives Season 3 Cast

Ratings and Reviews

Those who love the franchise of The Real Housewives have been much skeptical about this show. They state that they have not known what to expect from it. At least, they have certain reasons to try it. And much to their delight, they have been captured by the episodes.
They note specifically that the satire presented in this sitcom is premium. The loyal followers are destined to recognize about half the cast. Luckily, the newbies are just as hilarious as their well-known peers.
The score on IMDb comprising 7.6 points is another reason to continue developing this funny and satirical show.

Is the Renewal Announced?

So far, there has been no info regarding the future of the third installment. The cancellation is yet to be confirmed, herewith, we should keep hoping for the best news to come off come off sometime in the future. The Hotwives season 3 release is not near in coming, surely. Stay tuned, nevertheless, to be acknowledged about any updates.


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