The Haves and the Have Nots Season 5

The first soap opera on OWN has turned to garner decent ratings throughout its three-year course. For the current moment, there is no data regarding the future of the story but we hold out hope that the fifth season will appear come rain or shine next year. Just stay tuned for more specifics on the soap opera.

Soap Opera on OWN

As a prime time, part of the OWN slate, The Haves, and the Have Nots is a soap opera series in its core that comes to be produced by Tyler Perry Studios with Tyler Perry serving as a filmmaker, scriptwriter, and an executive.
The Haves and the Have Nots Season 5 Poster
The first release is dated back to May 2013 while the latest debut has been arranged in January 2016. The curious fact is that this soap opera is considered to be the first scripted television series ever released on Oprah Winfrey Network.

Plot Summary of the Project

At the center of this story, there are three families, two among which (the Cryers and the Harringtons) are wealthy and the third one is destitute.
Storylines are rather typical with various hidden skeletons in each family’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, the soap opera makes us think over multiple poignant issues. The thought-provoking story can become, thus, dear to the taste of those who love such genre, without any doubts.

Ratings and Reviews

According to the figures delivered during the series releases, the scripted program is nothing but a hit on its home channel. The third installment, for instance, has garnered more than 3.5 million watchers. The critical acclaim is also another addition to the proofs of the series popularity.
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As for the ratings of the latest season, they are maintained on the same level. Well, there is no worrying about the series future, though the scores on various aggregator websites are no so high. On IMDb, it constitutes only 5.9 points out of 10. This can be explained by the reference of the series to the genre of soap operas – it is no to everyone liking, surely.

Catching up With the Twists of the Story

The latest season is full of new twists and turns in the narrative. Katheryn, for instance, invites Veronica and Jennifer to her house, and cold-bloodedly shoots Jennifer, making it clear to Veronica that she has to make sure that Katheryn gets away with the murder of the District Attorney.

Series Future Is a Determined Matter

The official announcement of the series revival fort the fifth chapter has not been made so far yet there is no reason for worrying. The ratings are good and the audience needs more from this story. We should not worry about this so far since it is too early now for such things.
Thus, the statements, including those containing info about The Haves and the Have Nots season 5 release date, should be around the corner. Just stay tuned for more specifics on the soap opera. Follow our service and you will be notified about any changes in the situation in the nick of time.


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