The Halcyon Season 2

This year has been given a good TV start, with the variety of new promising compelling project launched for different audiences. The ITV channel decided to keep on with the pace of other networks and released The Halcyon, a new historical drama which action is set during World War II. Precisely, January 2, 2017, is the first season air date. With such recent premiere, there is no speaking about The Halcyon season 2 release date yet the revival can be much closer.
Left Bank Pictures finances and develops the serial written by Charlotte Jones, with Sarah Dillard, Jack Lothian, and Martha Hiller co-penning. The team of executives includes Andy Harries, Sharon Hughff, and Jack Lothian.

We should not also forget about the acting cast. Here is the list of the lead actors and actresses:

  • Steven Mackintosh,
  • Olivia Williams,
  • Kara Tointon,
  • Matt Ryan,
  • Alex Jennings,
  • Mark Benton.

Plot Summary

At the center, a glamorous high-class London hotel appears. Concentrating on the inside workings, the narrative takes place in 1940. Herewith, it is a historical drama that offers a look at the impact war leaves on every aspect of civilian life.

Recent Achievements

The Halcyon Season 2 Release Date
As far as the reception is concerned, the general impression is good but reviews are mixed. The score on IMDb constitutes 6.5 points out of 10. It is not an eye-popping but average result. Will this be enough to continue the series? The viewership seems to promise much more than scores – 4 million watchers per each new episode.
What things come as advantages and drawbacks? What should we praise and criticize the project for?
The perfect things found are the immediate cinematography, costumes, and sets. Both critics and ordinary watchers are united in this statement. There’s no place for the refuse from that that they are beautifully executed, with all of the boxes checked off. With all these additional moments confirmed to be the best ones in terms of quality, the most central aspects come to be lost, including directing, the script, and the pacing. These points suffer from bashings.

Chances of Renewal

With such a sullen state of affairs, the hardest challenge is to make predictions concerning the future of the serial.  In fact, there is no essence in it. Prospects that the second season premiere will be arranged still exist as the second chance is always possible even for a more persistent flop. The second season release date is a far perspective in any case. Let’s stay tuned for the renewal!


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