The grand release of South Park season 21 is set in 2017

South Park season 21 Release Date

People all over the world know the animated series South Park, which became very popular in 90s, first in US and then in the whole world. Now the grand release of one of the most American popular animated series South Park season 21 is set on 2017. The channel Comedy Central promises the officially renewed series from season 21 and at least through season 23.

The history of the series

The satiric series dates back in the far 1997. It was created by the producer Trey Parker with the help of “Braniff” studio and Comedy Central. No one could imagine that this series will become one of the most popular animated adult cartoons in the whole world, and the second in the USA, after the Simpsons.

For 17 years of the nonstop broadcast this cartoon conquered millions of fans. The project was frozen just once in 2014 because of the protests of social organizations against censorship. But in September 2016 the 20th season of the series premiered, including 10 episodes.


South Park is more than just a cartoon. It is the special world with its problems and lucks. Everyone can find himself in the heroes of this cartoon. People’s weaknesses and flaws of the american society are jested here. The citizens of South Park are so easily and openly saying the truth and talk with ridicule about the sacred things of the nation.

The plot and the aim

The cartoon is centered around 4 school boys Eric, Kyle, Kenny and Stan who live in the town of South Park in Colorado state. These 4 friends are constantly plunge into the funny and silly situations by actively taking part in the life of the town. The boys are sincerely often get confused by the adults’ duplicity and deceit and alogical behavior, as in real life little children are.  Due to the boys’ curiosity that leads them through the range of troubles, they learn and perceive together with the audiences some vital things in life and relations and make important conclusions out of all that happen to them.


Millions of people are looking forward for the release of a completely new twenty first season. The new absurdist jokes and satirical humor are awaiting for you. The series already gained lots of awards in the two and a half decades of its existence. Season release date is premiered on 2017. So be patient and wait for a new 21st season of your favorite South Park and keep watching for further news.

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