The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2

A worldwide known Frankenstein story has received a second life thanks to the recent release of the British TV series The Frankenstein Chronicles on ITV Encore channel. This show of several scenes is partly connected with a classical version about a mad scientist and his creature, but in many ways the authors have gone on developing this idea and adding new colors to it. Such a mystical genre and specifically this story are so popular with many viewers that after the completion of the first part the public began to be interested in the following question: when will The Frankenstein Chronicles season 2 be released? Premiere date of the next new episode earlier was unknown, but recently the creators have officially presented renewed information: the series coming should be expected in 2017. The audience cannot help being glad on heating this news and believe that the return of a beloved project will be connected with new adventures and mysteries.
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Creators Crew

Not long ago, on November 11, 2015 the first season premiere was presented. That part included only six episodes, and it’s expected that after announcing schedule of the next season two the audience will meet a larger number.
The base of the series is Mary Shelley’s famous novel. The developers of this story are Benjamin Ross and his colleague Barry Langford.
Executive producers whose task is to present the next season air date are such people as:

  • Frank Doelger;
  • Tracey Scoffield;
  • Justin Thomson;
  • Patrick Irwin.

The production company of The Frankenstein Chronicles is Rainmark Films; the channel where the following season start is going to be launched is ITV Encore, a British Network.
The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 Spoiler

Plot Review and Cast

The place of this drama is London, England, 19th century. The main hero of the project is inspector John Marlott (a brilliant Hollywood star Sean Bean), who previously experienced a personal tragedy, investigates a series of mysterious and unusual crimes. All the threads lead to one man – a strange scientist who is committed to raising the dead people. As the special characters that appear in the program, one can find the writer William Blake (an English actor Steven Berkhoff) and the author of Frankenstein Mary Shelley herself (an actress from England Anna Maxwell Martin).

Soon Continuation

When new season release date is announced, the creators will definitely uncover the schedule of its episodes and some details of the plot. On IMDB the series has got a 7.4/10 score, and this means that the viewers are interested in soon continuation. Stay tuned not to miss the finale decision concerning the terms of the renewal and be the first but not the last to find out all the peculiarities of an upcoming project.


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