The Force: Behind the Line Season 13

Documentary series about police investigations is a format that has already been popular for a very long period of time. But if earlier such programs came out with a fairly standard plot, where all the actions were directed to identify the true cause of a crime, the Australian project The Force: Behind the Line is not just the story of an incident. The authors of this documentary show proved a creative approach to their work and for the past 12 seasons have been demonstrating their good work that is interesting to the audience not only in Australia but all over the world. After the latest season on Seven Network channel ended its fans, as usual, had an obvious question: when will The Force: Behind the Line Series 13 premiere? Release Date of the coming series hasn’t been announced yet, but the authors are likely to present the renewed program in the nearest future and the new episode of the next season thirteen is to be released soon.

Series Creators

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The first season air date debuted back on August 22, 2006. The latest series 12 was released on July 27, 2016, and since then there has been no information about the continuation.
The presenter of The Force: Behind the Line is Simon Reeve, who has been a narrator since the very beginning of this documentary project. As the main executive producer is Dan Meenan. His crew includes the following producers:

  • Lyndal Marks;
  • Geraldine Orrock;
  • David Peters;
  • Jackie Munro and others.

The running time of each episode is about 23 minutes. The channel broadcasting the series and responsible for each season premiere is Seven Network, a famous Australian TV network.

Brief Review

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The action of the series takes place in the real on the territory of the western part of Australia. The show reveals real work of the police, and among the cast of the program are real policemen with wireless microphones in order to show their work as closely as possible, Cameras are located at some distance that allows showing full picture and at the same time not to interrupt the work process. Among the cases the characters of the program face with can be found both ordinary ones like family conflicts and disputes on the road and serious operations such as terrorist threats and preventing drug traffic.

Viewers’ Ratings

With the release of new episodes of The Force: Behind the Line the program rating dropped slightly: thus, the first season release date was being awaited by about 2 million viewers, and the number of the audience of the latest season was 0.684 million. On IMDB, a well-known website, it has the rating of 6.7/10. Anyway, the return of the project is to be presented quite soon, and the public is interested in the peculiarities of the upcoming series, its schedule and plot twists.


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