The Fixer Season 2

A new Canadian criminal drama from Peter Howitt entitled as “The Fixer” offers an exciting plot to us full of suspense and all those thrilling things from which our knees tremble. The series second chapter is so far a doubtful question, nevertheless, as there has been no confirmation yet.

Brief review

The Fixer is a criminal drama in its origin with the speckles from the genre of a thriller wrapped scrupulously up in the form of the multipart movie. The first and so far the latest cycle of episodes includes four parts with the duration of each one constituting one hour. So the project is a miniseries that is waiting currently when its developers announce the second launch sometime in the future.
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The company for fabrication is a Canadian one referred to as Muse Entertainment. The screenwriting issues come here to be resolved by magnificent Gilles Perrault. The directorial duties are entrusted to Peter Howitt.
As for the acting crew, here it is presented by such leading names as Kathleen Robertson known for her role in the project under the title “Murder in the First”, as well as by Eric Dane from The Last Ship. The broadcast is held specifically on the Fox UK channel in the UK.

Penetrating into the storyline

The story revolves in particular around Ellie Molaro, the heroine of Kathleen Robertson. She is a police officer serving as an investigator in the National Transportation Safety Board.
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The case for investigation for the following four episodes is connected with another accident on an oil platform. She is an intelligent lady who knows her onions when it goes about exploring the coldest cases. So she raises suspicion that the "official answer" about the causes of the above-mentioned case is not true.
While exploring, she comes to be assisted by Carter. Together they discover that spread of the truth that leads to the top managers of the stock market.

Positive reviews and viewer ratings

The criminal dramas are always dear to taste of the audience which, however, is already pampered by the variety of them broadcasted internationally, as well as locally in different countries.
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As for this crime drama, it is accepted with flying flowers if to speak from the favorable reviews given by critics, as well as by common watchers.

Can we expect the second part of this miniseries?

Surely, we can, as there has been no confirmation of the cancellation o the story coming officially from developers. That is why it is much more probable that the creative team will develop another criminal case in the second part of the miniseries. Or can it become a full-fledged one? There are so many hopes in our hearts regarding this. But so far there is no announcement at least of the feasibility of the resumption, as well as regarding The Fixer season 2 release date. Keep abreast of the updates following our service as here you can find the freshest installments.


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