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Though being related the British criminal dramas, the series entitled “The Five” have failed to produce much effect on the audience even in general – there are many disappointments about the first release. Thus, the series can be now next door to cancellation, unfortunately. Let’s stay tuned, nevertheless, if another chance is given finally to the story.

Brief Sketch of a Newcomer

The Five is a newcomer on Sky1, the American channel, which ratings are average enough yet it is still reckoned to be a popular platform.
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The creation of it was the responsibility of such executives as Coben, Jonathan Leather, Danny Brocklehurst, and Nicola Shindler.
The story is penned by acclaimed American author Harlan Coben. The whole fabrication is on Red Picture Company. By the genre, it is related to criminal dramas.
The acting cast comes to be composed of Tom Cullen, O.T.Fagbenie, Sarah Solemani, and Lee Ingleby.
The premiere of the first season has been held this year – in April. The current amount of episodes equals ten.

Disappointing Results and Reasons for It

The main issue for exposing in front of us is ratings. What is the reception? Are you aware of the low figures and negative opinions towards this criminal drama? If you are not, we are unfortunate to disappoint you. The series ratings leave much to be desired. The viewership is low – 1 million people on average. Critics, as well ordinary watchers are united in considering this project emotionally detached and derivative.
What is the reason for such a cold response? We do not hold the opinion that it is linked inextricably to the story itself. The reason lies in the way it is conveyed.

Plot Summary

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Let’s penetrate into the plot in order to make you believe that the story is actually very promising.
There five of them, the main characters, – Jesse, Mark, Pru, Danny, and Slade. Danny is reckoned to be a detective. The story starts unfolding when Jesse, the junior brother of Mark, disappears all of a sudden. Can it be a murder? Or is it a case of abduction? The four friends are set to get to the bottom and find Jesse if he is alive.
During the case investigation, horrible secrets come to be exposed. Out characters are taken to places where they are completely unwilling to go but they should.

Concerning the Future of the Series

The score on IMDb is average though but it cannot be taken as a ground for continuing the story. The only ground here can be the name of the incredibly renowned writer in order to improve the reputation of the story.
There is still some time for the developers to decide on the series future. Yet it is probable that cancellation will be announced. There is no waiting for The Five season 2 release date so far.  We recommend you putting the search of info about this project on hold now following other British criminal dramas that are broadcasted with much success.


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