The Family Law Season 2

The Family Law is comedy sitcom series produced by SBS in Australia. The creator is Benjamin Law. The first season consisting of 6 episodes is partially adapted from the book with the same title released in 2010. The production matters are carried out by Matchbox Pictures. The screening started on the 14th of January 2016. The second season of the sitcom is in the state of production now and it’s planned to get released in 2017. Check the official SBS Channel website for more news and second season premiere episode date.


The plot of the series concentrates on a Chinese-Australian family and their dysfunctional way of living. The action is presented from the side of Benjamin Law, 14 years old. The action takes place in Queensland. That’s a wonderful hot summer that the family will never be able to forget. The parents of the family are Jenny and Danny. Benjamin Law lives in the family with four other kids. His sisters are Candy, Tammy and Michelle and Andrew is his older brother.

Cast, Production & Other

Trystan Go portrays a young character of Benjamin Law, the protagonist.  Shuang Hu portrays his eldest sister Candy. George Zhao acts as the older brother Andrew. Karina Lee and Vivian Wei act as Tammy and Michelle respectively. Parents are played by Fiona Choi and Anthony Brandon Wong.
The creator of the series named the same as the main character, Benjamin Law said that growing up in his own family with kids of Asian origin was very specific. Every time they saw an Asian person on Australian TV, it gave all the members of the family such a surprise and delight. Such things almost never happened. That’s why he decided to create a heartbreaking comedy with 90% Asian-Australian faces to somehow devoted to his personal childhood.
The Family Law Season 2 Spoiler
The series has a distinctive story to tell. It reflects Australia’s society made up of people of multiple cultures and skin colors. That’s a clever and hilarious project at a time. The Family Law is a good chance to have an insight look at the life of a multicultural family. It’s always a relevant topic for families from all over the world, cause these families are recognizable in every country, no matter what nationalities they are made of.
The second season air date is unknown yet.

Second Season Release Date

SBS finally wrapped up The Family Law for season 2. The new episode of the show is planned to get released somewhere in 2017. However, the exact release date is yet to be scheduled, subscribe to our updates if you want to know when it will start.


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