The Expanse Season 2

The mysterious newbie from Alcon Entertainment and Sean Daniel Company is gaining traction now on online resources with the first season being already available on them. Surely, it leads only to one conclusion made already by its creators – the story should have its continuation shaped in the second chapter.

Principal aspects of the project

The series is a new addition to the genre of science fiction movies with the space being explored there. The script of this series is the feather in the cap of Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Together they gave birth to such TV projects as Cowboys & Aliens, Iron Man, and Children of Men.
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The episodes of this newcomer (there are ten of them, by the way) are available on the Syfy channel for the residents of the USA.
Getting back to the creative team, we should mention here also Robert Lieberman and Terry McDonough who have worked on directional issues of this sci-fi drama. As for the studios, we can’t but name here Alcon Entertainment and Sean Daniel Company.
The series opening was held in the previous November with the conclusion being set in December.

Brief description of the storyline

The action of the story is set in the far future when the human race is in possession of our whole space system inhabiting the planets that are circling around the Sun. But when a woman goes missing, a conspiracy of unimaginable scale is unraveled. So what is going to be next?
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How was the story received?

It seems like the series growing in terms of ratings is the matter of time as the premiere season has shown the series is an average project though its idea deserves more appraisal. The premiere viewership was evaluated at 1.2 million watchers with a slight raise getting closer to the end of the season to 1.5 million people. It sounds like not sufficient for such a project, doesn’t it?
The reviews, however, are remaining positive and this can be reckoned as a moving force for the developers to continue the project.
What are the concrete advantages of this story? Specifically, it is the way the unreality is depicted that makes watchers think that it is our reality indeed. The plot is saturated with personal drama that draws you in, as well as with high-quality special effects.

Catching up with the news

The Expanse Season 2 Cast
The situation is such that the series has been given another chance to improve its ratings. This has become known at the start of this year. Therefore, the shooting is already underway and it leads only to one conclusion that we should be under the illusion that The Expanse season 2 release date will appear in the near future. As the developers promise, the release is slated so far preliminarily for the next 2017 year. We can wait for its emergence getting closer to the end of this year.
Nevertheless, we recommend you staying tuned if you are interested in getting acknowledged of some plot details and cast changes in the case these issues become clear.


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