The Enfield Haunting Season 2

The followers of the series under the title The Enfield Haunting can walk on air now as the second part of the franchise is already confirmed. Thus, it will take place come rain or shine in the near future. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about the launch date.

General data about the serial

The series under the title “The Enfield Haunting” is reckoned to be a mystery drama broadcasted on the Sky Living channel since its first and so far the latest debut in May 2015.
The Enfield Haunting Season 2 Poster
As a British product, the project is written by Joshua St Johnston. The directorial issues are brilliantly resolved by Kristoffer Nyholm.
As for the producing team, here we are dealing with  Adrian Sturges and Kirsten Eller.

Following the narrative

The storyline in this series is centered in London. The events are dated back to the previous century if to be more concrete forty years ago. The place for action is Enfield.
The mystery starts when the members of one family leading their normal life in their house in this town begin noticing that strange things are happening to them.
What is happening there specifically? Constant roaring and knocking sounds, objects start moving on their own – all these terrify the inhabitants of the ordinary house.
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Then, it turns to be clarified that all this is very bad for the health of young girls, who live in this house.
Maurice Grosse sent by Society for Psychical Research visits this house in order to investigate the mystery case.

What is about the acceptance?

The acceptance is much positive in terms of both scorings on various websites that are gathering voices for cinematography products and the appraisal from the critical and ordinary viewers’ sides.
What is underlined as obvious advantages is the brilliant and believable acting by the main cast members and an impressive storyline.

Catching up with the news

The start of this summer was lucky for all of us, the loyal followers of this exciting  serial. The thing is that the so needed resumption has been finally stated. The good news was confirmed on the official Twitter account of the UK Media Summit.
The Enfield Haunting Season 2 Cast
Thus, the second chapter will be gladdening us on our screens sometime in the future. However, whether this future is near in its coming remains questionable.
We have also some other data to deliver to you, for instance, that the future enjoyment packed in the second cycle will comprise a collection of 90-minute features, unlike the first season that consists only of four one-hour episodes, as we have already mentioned above.
In terms of The Enfield Haunting season 2 release date, the series is on the bubble. There is no even predicting when the second chapter will come off as the traditional launch timeframe (it is May, as we know) has already passed. And there is nothing to do but to hope that it will be exposed as soon as it is possible. So stay tuned with our service and you will be notified timely and at first hand.


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