The Downton Abbey: Season 6

The Downton Abbey, a tremendous hit bot in the US and the UK, will be extended for one more season. The sixth set of episodes will be out in fall 2015.
There is not that much time left till The Downton Abbey: season 6 is released on the screens. The creators were enthusiastic to announce the upcoming season, but they stated that it might be the last one of the show. The news were made public once the fifth season was completed and successfully aired. They also assured the audiences that they had no intention to cancel the show until the sixth season is out.
The story of the popular historical TV show unfolds around the Downton family, and all the events occur in the post-Victorian times. When the show first premiered on the screens in fall 2010 on the ITV channel, everybody was astonished by the crafty representation of England in the beginning of the 20th century. The atmosphere itself, as well as the details – characters, costumes, landscapes, customs, and the society – are all done on the top level.
All the acute social topics covered by the show include: world war (which has just started at the time), women’s emancipation, technical progress, and changes in the society itself. The Downton family, with all the above happening on the background, are involved in the estate fights with some of the relatives who come in the way.
The previous season started in fall 2014, and the creators will be faithful to their schedule launching the show in autumn 2015. While the first seasons of the show were a huge success, and the series itself took awards after awards, the current episodes were highly dependent on the ratings, which have decreased as well due to the audience presumably losing interest or the crew too tired of making up new stories. Still, 10.4 million viewers is a great result for any kind of TV project. For example, HBO shows do not gather such a big audience, despite being one of the most beloved channels. The numbers are speaking for themselves.
The fifth season of The Downton Abbey ended on 9th November 2014, and the final episode gathered a huge audience. The Downton Abbey: season 6 will be released in fall 2015 on the TV screens. Its DVD and Blu-ray versions will be out a little later, in January of the following year. The Netflix version will be available since February.
Do you think the show will really end with only 6 seasons?

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