The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 5

ABC AU is known for broadcast of a large number of various TV dramas. One of them is “The Doctor Blake Mysteries” which presents a good example of exciting stories about criminal cases and police investigation. Now the series is at its fourth chapter stage. And we hope that it won’t be the final one.

Background: developers, channel, and other film characteristics

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The series we are going here to discuss is an Australian drama of the genre of criminal mystery. The serial is currently composed of four seasons with the first chapter coming out back to 2013 and the latest one brought to broadcast in the start of February this year.
The native channel for the serial is reckoned to be ABC AU. The project is spearheaded by two people named George Adams and Tony Wright. The executive team consists of Tony Wright, Christopher Gist, and Carole Sklan. The company which is responsible for the fabrication of the project is titled “December Media”.
The acting crew is presented by such leading actors and actresses as Craig McLachlan, and surely Nadine Garner. The minor roles are performed by Charlie Cousins, Joel Tobeck, and Cate Wolfe.

What does the story tell us about?

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The narration takes place in Australia, particularly in the area called Ballarat. The principal hero of the story is named Dr. Lucien Blake. Being a young man, he left his native country and moved to Scotland. The story revolves around him returning to the stamping ground.
So coming back to Ballarat, the main character takes the role of his already dead father in the city. He becomes a general doctor taking over the practice of his parent and also an attendant police surgeon.
Jean Beazley is another more or less main character who is considered to be the housekeeper with her brilliant talents of insight. There are also some minor characters in the story, as for example the police chief Matthew Lawson, the nurse named Mattie O’Brien, and the constable Charlie Davis .

When can we expect the renewal of the series?

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The series has obtained a large number of positive reviews both from critics and common viewers. The serial seems like finding its steady audience which numbers about 1 million people. Moreover, the project is admitted to be the most popular drama serial in Australia.
The latest season debuted with more than 1.5 million people audience per episode. Thus, the serial seems to gain traction. The viewers underline the following features of the multipart film which that are to their liking: the perfect cast, especially it concerns Craig McLachlan, exciting mysteries, and a nostalgic feel.
That’s why there is a solid reason to state that the fifth chapter will come to our screens. The Doctor Blake Mysteries season 5 release date is yet to be defined by the developers as well as the serial fate. So there is nothing in the course but to stay tuned in order to receive information about your favorite serial straight from the horse’s mouth.


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