The Code Season 3

The political thriller The Code performs the role of a newcomer on the ABC (AU) channel. The freshman season premiere is dated back to 2014. The second season release date is September 1, 2016. Six episodes with the volume of one hour each have been already launched this autumn.
Shelley Birse serves as a spearhead of the project together with the team of executives composed of Carole Sklan, David Ogilvy, and Greer Simpkin. Playmaker Media is the company behind the shooting. The performance cast of the series includes:
The Code Season 3 Poster

  • Dan Spielman,
  • Adele Perovic,
  • Ashley Zukerman,
  • Adam Garcia,
  • Victoria Haralabidou,
  • Sigrid Thornton and many others.

Plot Summary

There are four storylines in the narrative that intertwine in an unexpected way. Brother Ned and Jessie Banks leak a video shot at the site of a suspicious car crash and come to be immediately threatened. Teacher Alex Wisham and police officer Tim Simons penetrate into the case of Clarence Boyd, the accused teenager.
The work of Ned’s office serves as the object for the third storyline and the fourth plot direction enlarges upon the power in the Australian government.

Response From the Audience

The Code Season 3 Spoiler
The series is perceived as something truly incredible. Various awards have been already won by the project including 2015 AACTA and 2014 AWGIE Awards.
The viewership is not of a hit type. Middling 0.4 million watchers per each new episode, however, are enough to keep creating new installments of the thriller. This statement is proved by the healthy 7.6/10 score on IMDb.
Additionally, the series can boast the universal acclaim, due to the idea being relatable to the whole world. In the USA, the series airs on the Audience Network, in the UK – on BBC Four, and in Latin America – on the Sundance Channel.

When will the Next Season Air Date be Exposed?

In the previous month, the second season premiere was concluded with Jesse and Hani having got their well-deserved happy conclusions and Roth having been shot.
Now it is time to think of the future of the series. The potential of the third installment is high. Thus, we may hope for the exposal of The Code season 3 release date next year. Stay tuned for news in order to get to know everything related to this thriller at first hand!


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