The Carbonaro Effect Season 3

The Carbonaro Effect Season 3 Release Date


The Carbonaro Effect is a joke reality TV serial, which was created in America. That is the show with hidden cameras, so every time it is so Interesting to watch. The season premiere was on May in the year of 2014, but now we are ready to present the 3rd season, which is also full of unforgettable events. The Carbonaro Effect 3 Season release date is the November of the year of 2016.


In such a brilliant serial you will see a little amount of people in the cast. So, here we must underline the following:

  • Michael Carbonaro.
  • Keith Ham.
  • William Tokarsky.
  • Kevin Marshall Pickney.

The directors are Phil Britton and Leo Scherman. The producers are Russell Arch, Michael Carbonaro, Simon Fields, Matt Schick, David Regal, Jim Pasquarella, Hilary Friend, Kevin Healey, Diane Best, Ian Beebe, Derek Hughes.


In the center of the Storyline, you will see talented and experienced magician by the name Michael Carbonaro. He performs a lot of magic tricks and illusions and he tries to make the most unexpectable things in everyday life. He tries to find different places, where a lot of people appear each time.

With help of the people, who works with him, he did his work and try to amaze people from different countries and cities. Very often he shows his magic in shops, different centers, and cafes, on the street and in the other places, where a lot of people are. Each time a great attention is paid on Carbonaro and the tricks, which he presents. Every time it is so Interesting to see, how Michael try to create the new jokes. But the most Interesting fact is that people didn’t know, who he is.


If you are a person, who like to have fun, this reality show will amaze you with the greatest amount of events. The new city and the new place – each time Michael try to be unforgettable and he do it so easy.

People, who take place in this show, didn’t know, that they are written down on the camera. They just believe in everything, which is presented here and it is so funny to watch the serial from the beginning till the end.

The new episode has the running time of 30 minutes, so you will have a good mood while watching it and everything, what you must have – a half an hour of a free time.

The season air date is a very important information when we talk about the one or another Interesting serial.

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