The Bridge Season 4

The Bridge is a crime TV series created and released by Scandinavian television. The author of the original idea and the scriptwriter is Hans Rosenfeldt. The series was produced by Sweden’s Sveriges TV and Denmark’s DR. The first season release date is the 21st of September 2011. The show was broadcast in about a hundred countries. The Bridge season 4 release date is unknown yet, but the show is still going on. For more info on further releases of the series, scroll down further.

Season 1

A dead body cut in halves is found on a bridge. It’s placed on the border separating two countries. Danish and Swedish police agencies have to deal with the investigation together. What makes the things worse, it turns out that the upper half of the body belongs to a female politician from Sweden and the lower half belongs to a prostitute from Denmark. In every new episode, a Swedish detective named Saga Norén and a Danish detective named Martin Rohde investigate into this horrific and mysterious case.
The Bridge Season 4 date release

Season 2

The action of the series revolves more than a year later. Saga arrives on the same bridge to find a ship with five people on board – three of them are from Sweden and two of them are from Denmark. All of them are chained. Martin was asked to work with the case; however, he had to suffer emotional difficulties after the death of his son. All five victims die from the pneumonic plague. The action revolves around the activity of eco-terrorists; however, the case turns out to be a lot more complicated.

Season 3

The action of the third season revolves more than a year later. A female dead body is found at one of the construction sites in Sweden. The detectives identify the victim as Helle Anker from Copenhagen. She’s married to a lesbian woman from Sweden. She’s been threatened a lot of times. Saga works together with a partner from Denmark named Henrik Sabroe.
The Bridge Season 4


  • Sofia Helin portrays the character of the main homicide detective named Saga Norén.
  • Kim Bodnia portrays the main homicide detective from Copenhagen named Martin Rohde.
  • Thure Lindhardt portrays the character of another main homicide detective named Henrik Sabroe from Copenhagen.
  • Dag Malmberg portrays a Police Commissioner from Malmö named Hans Petterson. Eventually, marries to Lillian.
  • Sarah Boberg portrays the character of a Copenhagen Police Commissioner named Lillian. Eventually, marries to Petterson.
  • Rafael Pettersson portrays a Malmö police expert specializing in information technologies named John Lundqvist.

The Bridge Season 4

4th Season Air Date

The fourth season is being filmed now and the producers say that The Bridge in its fourth installment is planned to be released in spring of 2018. Besides, Hans Rosenfeldt has confirmed that the upcoming season will be the last one in the show. When more info is announced, you’ll be notified.

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