The Beautiful Lie Season 2

We are in the realm of guesswork now when it comes to the fate of The Beautiful Lie project that is melodrama by its genre. The previous autumn debut was not as much successful as it had been expected, as the critical response was not favorable.

Making a sketch of the whole project

The Australian variant of the ABC channel took under wing the project under the title “The Beautiful Lie”, a romantic story by its genre.
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The series broadcast is a clear question now and let’s turn to the behind-the-scene, as well as acting crews. The series is produced by Endemol and Southern Star Entertainment with the executives named Janeen Faithfull and Carole Sklan. The performance cast comes to be led by Benedict Samuel and Sarah Snook. The rival roles are performed by Rodger Corser, Sophie Lowe, Celia Pacquola, Daniel Henshall, Catherine McClements, Alexander England, Dan Wyllie, Robert Menzies, and Gina Riley.
As for the premiere of the first chapter, it was held in the previous autumn. The situation is that the series is yet to be defined in terms of its future.

Background of the plot

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The key ideas of the plot are not picked out of thin air being based on the  classic novel penned by Lev Tolstoy. The title of this story is Anna Karenina. It is translated into various world languages and has got several movie adaptations. This very version is its modern reincarnation though having been accepted not so much favorably but about this a bit later.
The main protagonist of this series is named Anna Ivin. As Anna Karenina, she seems to be happy in her marriage but one day she gets acquainted with Skeet Du Pont and her life is changed from this point and forever.

Mixed reviews and possibility of the future resumption

It is a risky thing to create a screen version of the literature masterpieces as often these attempts are turned to nothing but a complete failure obtained in the result.
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The question is now how this very project is successful or in other words, whether we can speak about the success now overall. The answer is rather controversial as some critics are positively set while others are not optimistic about the worthiness of this project on the whole. The latter critics are bashing the series for being stale and clich?.
The conclusion is the only one – the series is not the best TV version of the classic novel. This leads to another issue for solving, specifically the very feasibility of the story continuation. On the one side of the medal, the absence of the future ideas for bringing them into life stays. On the other hand, we are dealing with many average ratings, as well as mixed reviews. So is there the essence of waiting for the series resumption and the appearance of The Beautiful Lie season 2 release date? Surely, there is always a tiny chance but we recommend switching your attention to other exciting series information about which you can get on our service.


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