The Bachelor Season 21

The Bachelor is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by ABC channel with the first season release date on the 25th of March 2002. The main member of the cast and the host of the show is Chris Harrison. The show was followed by several spin-offs. The Bachelor season 21 release date has already been announced. Read further to know more.


The creator and the producer of this reality is Mike Fleiss. The director of the show is Ken Fuchs. Numerous special episodes followed the original release of the project.

The Bachelor Season 21 date release


Every new episode of the series concentrates on a bachelor. He starts with a mass of romantic interests (there are 25 participants in the beginning). His main aim is to find a wife. Successive elimination is used throughout the season and The Bachelor himself chooses the girl who should leave the project. They get to exotic locations to share romance, conflicts, and mutual interests. The participants have to pass through numerous challenges on dates with the Bachelor himself. Their aim is to demonstrate their best qualities and the willing to become something more for the person they’re so interested in.

The Bachelor Season 21

Rules May Vary

The general guideline of the show is sometimes altered. The predesigned structure of the series is sometimes changed because the show is not scripted and the creators have to adjust to changing circumstances and changing behavior of the main character. For example:

  • One of the eliminated candidates can get back to the project to prove again that he or she was right. The aim of this return is to prove that she can do better to achieve success.
  • In the end of each challenge the Bachelor shares roses with those women whom he’s willing to see in the future. The one that doesn’t get the rose is eliminated. Sometimes, the Bachelor gives more roses than it has been planned in order to give a chance to a girl she has chosen.
  • A bachelor has the right to eliminate any number of the participants he wishes.
  • The bachelor can decide to stay with the girl for the further relationship, but without promising her to get married.

The Bachelor Season 21

21st Season Air Date

The show will get back to TV screens in its 21st season on the 2nd of January 2017. When more info on further releases appears in the media, we will inform you.

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