The Americans Season 5

The Americans a drama TV series created in the USA, featuring everyday lives of undercover agents from KGB. The production is carried out by Joe Weisberg. The show was released in winter of 2013 by FX network.

Plot & Cast

The action takes place in 1980s. It’s a period of Cold War. The Americans’ plot revolves around Elizabeth (portrayed by Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (portrayed by Matthew Rhys). They work as KGB officers in Soviet Russia. They do it undercover pretending to be a happily married couple from the USA. They live in the North of Virginia, in Washington, D.C. suburbs. They look like a happy family living together with their kids (portrayed by Holly Taylor and Keidrich Sellati). They also communicate with their neighbor from time to time. He’s an agent from FBI (portrayed by Noah Emmerich).

The Americans Season 5 date release  


The creator of The Americans and the owner of the original idea of the show is Joe Weisberg, who was a CIA officer in the past. Weisberg wanted to tell a story of a happily married couple. The plotline concentrates on the Jennings family, their personal life and professional matters. Some of the events happening in their real lives are simply narrated. Joe Weisberg  said that The Americans is primarily a story about a life after marriage and what you do in your professional life doesn’t have any crucial meaning. Their international professional level adds an allegory to their family life. You can’t get through your marriage without struggles. A new born kid proves that married life is even more troublesome than you thought it would. Philip and Elizabeth perfectly realize what is life or death in family relationships.  

The executive producer of the project says that every new episode of The Americans if a mix of a fictitious world with the reality of Cold War horrible experience.

The Americans Season 5

Weisberg is a former member of the CIA and his valuable experience gives him an opportunity to develop multiple storylines using real life stories from his memories as a base. He intercepts real time events with things that he learned at work. Weisberg has always been mesmerized by agents’ stories. Most of them had to pretend to be someone else all together with their families while living abroad. Weisberg decided to get that concept to TV screens. He wanted to make people realize that the profession of a spy demands numerous skills, patience, devotion and strong will. A spy is never alone – he’s a part of a family of spies supporting each other when things go wrong.

The Americans Season 5

5th Season Air Date

Season four of the The Americans started on the 16th of March 2016. In spring of 2016 the series was renewed for two seasons more. The fifth season consisting of thirteen episodes is planned to be released somewhere in 2017. It will be followed be season 6 consisting of 10 episodes. The final season is planned to premiere in 2018. Get back later for the official 5th season release date!

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