The Americans 4 Season Release Date

The Americans 4 season release date

The Americans 4 season release date was the schedule. When to expect to the new season of this drama?

At the end of January, 2015 will start to show the third season of the spy drama on FX channel, but what will happen next in the fourth season?
Fans of the series should not worry, because management channel FX channel in the person of President John Landgraf announced on January 20, 2015 that The Americans will “have at least 5 seasons”.
Nevertheless, Landgraf would like to see as "The Americans" could be recognized Emmy, believing that it will help increase the longevity of the show.

The Americans 4 season release date was the schedule

Also in the network has information that the FX network and Amazon Prime bargained for long broadcast of the series about a family of spies from the former Soviet Union, worked for many years under the cover under the noses of the FBI and CIA.
Despite these assurances will depend on the ratings of the third season. All have to wait for a formal extension of the series of the fourth season.
The Americans  4 season release date is the winter of 2016.
DVD release of The Americans 4 season is scheduled for the end of 2016.

The Americans 4 season release date on Bluray is planned for January of 2017.
Are you waiting for The Americans 4 season?

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