The Amazing Race Canada Season 5

The Amazing Race Canada is a reality TV competition series featuring teams participating in races not only in Canada, but all over the planet. The Race is generally separated into legs. The aim of each team in every new episode is to get to the Pit Stop and meet with the only member of the cast, the presenter named Jon Montgomery. Throughout the journey, the participants get clues and hints about destinations and info on what to do to complete a certain challenge. The team that finishes the race first, gets half a million dollars in cash together with other useful prizes. The production matters are carried out by Insight Productions together with Bell Media and Profiles TV. The Amazing Race Canada season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the series is still going and season five is already planned for the upcoming year.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 5 date release 

The Race

The Amazing Race Canada is a competition TV series. Teams of two compete with each other traveling all over the world trying to be the first to complete the challenges. Each of the races is divided into separate steps called legs. In every leg the participants have to carry out numerous tasks to get hints letting them make progress. They need to get to Pit Stops – these are the zones where the participants may have rest and get further instructions on their journey. They pass to the following leg in twelve hours. The first team getting to a Pit Stop receives a cash prize. The last team is normally eliminated from the competition (however, some of the legs are non-eliminating). The last leg of every race is filmed with the participation of last three couples of the contestants. The winners get $250,000, two Chevrolet cars and a possibility to have free and unlimited air trips in Canada.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 5


Every team is made up of two persons somehow relating to each other. 42 teams have taken part in The Amazing Race Canada.

Route Markers

They are red and yellow flags marking certain places that teams should pay attention to. The markers often go together with boxes containing envelopes with hints and clues inside. Some of the markers concentrate the participants’ attention on the zones where they have to complete certain challenges in order to proceed to the next step.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 5

5th Season Air Date

The first season release date is the 15th of July 2013. CTV channel has officially renewed The Amazing Race Canada for one more season to go in the upcoming year. However, the official release date hasn’t been announced. When more info on the show is available, we will let you know.

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